105-minute kill!2-1!After 120 minutes of fierce fighting, Chelsea refused to be upset and went through with a thrilling comeback

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Chelsea play Plymouth in the fa Cup fourth round on Sunday at 20:30 PM Beijing time.Gillespie opened the scoring for Plymouth in the first half when Jose Zinho volleyed wide, ziech’s long-range shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper, and Kovacic and Odoj both had their shots denied by the crossbar before Kovacic had another shot blocked by the post and Munter set up Azpilicueta to equalise.Lukaku missed an open goal in the second half, Azpilicueta’s goal was called offside and Munter’s shot was saved.It was 1-1 in regular time and went into extra time.Alonso scored the winner in extra time.Kepa saves the penalty to save Chelsea.Chelsea overcame Plymouth 2-1 to advance to the second round.Less than a minute into the match, Ziech sent a cross from the right of the front field and the ball flew to the back spot, but odoj was a bit too slow to tackle and the attacking goalkeeper was able to clear the danger.Two minutes later, Jose Inho volleyed just wide of the left post from the top of the penalty area.In the fifth minute, Zieh tried a long shot from outside the penalty area. It was too close and the goalkeeper easily wrapped the ball in his arms.Chelsea were on fire but conceded the goal in the seventh minute when Horton sent in gillespie’s cross.Chelsea fell behind early.In the 10th minute, Kovacic fired a furious shot from the left side of the penalty area that hit the crossbar and bounced over.In the 29th minute, Zieh sent a cross from the right and Odoei, who had outflanked him from the back spot, hit the crossbar with a header.Four minutes later, Azpilicueta’s shot from outside the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper.In the 37th minute, Lukaku returned the ball to Kovacic at the top of the box.Kovacic stopped the ball and fired a low shot that bounced off the left post.Three Chelsea shots were denied by the woodwork. It was bizarre.In the 40th minute, Chelsea finally scored!Munter sent a low cross from the right side of the penalty area, which Azpilicueta had flanked, and with a flick of his heel he outwitted both the defender and the keeper and sent the ball home.What a wonderful goal!Chelsea finally equalised.Halftime stoppage stage, joao’s kick volley was blocked the bottom line.Jose was so upset that he covered his face with his hands.At the end of the half, the two sides kicked into a 1-1 tie.Second half easy side battle again, Christensen was substituted, Marcos – Alonso substitute.Chelsea had a great chance in the 52nd minute, but lukaku was a step too slow to hit the ball from a close open shot, which was a bit of a miracle.Then lukaku burst into the penalty area with a low shot from a small Angle, which was saved by the attacking goalkeeper.Azpilicueta scored again in the 57th minute, but this time it was disallowed for offside.Ten minutes later, Munter shot slightly wide from a tight Angle, but he was also offside and it was useless to score.The 70 th minute, sal area in the middle of the blast, kick fly.Four minutes later lukaku took the ball on his back inside the penalty area and returned it to Munter, whose shot was saved by the goalkeeper.In the 79th minute, Munter had another good chance, but his shot from close range was again saved by the keeper.The score was still 1-1 at the end of regular time!Had to go into overtime.The 93rd minute, Mount outside low shot far corner, slightly missed the left post.In the 105th minute, Chelsea finally got ahead!Alonso in front of the flank push shot!In the 115th minute, Saar made a big mistake and gave his opponent a penalty.Hardy takes the penalty, Kepa saves it, it’s awesome.Chelsea refused to upset Plymouth 2-1 after 120 minutes of action.