The secret of studying abroad and working in Korea

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Nowadays the student goes to Korea to study abroad the student is more and more, because Korea is applicable student part-time study, a lot of students are very unfamiliar to working, here the teacher helps you to work the category and advantages and disadvantages comb, give you a reference.How to find a good job?1. Once you are selected for a job, you should keep working for a period of time (more than three months is suggested), and you should have some feelings about this job.2. Carefully consider whether there is their own work-study time in the spare time, and then arrange the time, decide to choose regular or long-term work, or short-term work, choose a job that is most suitable for their own.3. It is best to work near home, unless it is particularly good in the work, otherwise we should try to reduce some of the work far away from home.4. Think about how much it will cost to fill in between studies, because that’s what you’ll be basing your career choice on.How to make your job happier and happier?1. Even if you must go to work because of money, but you had better treat the job as an opportunity to learn training practice activities, work diligently, and learn to train some professional knowledge from this, so it can be said that you solved the fatigue of confusion, will be more and more happy.2 work naturally very tired, but that is a kind of temper, so this whole process is to shape your mind, faith and tolerance of the whole process.3. If there is a song in your work condition, work to the song, but be careful not to overindulge in the song and harm the work 4.Imagine these happy old moments when things are not so good for you.Then determined to get rid of the predicament, that kind of ability is the strongest on true sense.Advantages of working in Taiwan football field: the work intensity is relatively weak, leisure time can learn and train table tennis, the opportunity is very good.Under normal circumstances, there is no stuffy feeling in the room, the mood is calm, of course, there is time to chat.Defects: because of clouds and fog, harm respiratory tract.It is inconvenient to deal with drunken people, but Korean clubs are safer than those in Other countries.Strongly recommended: more suitable for boys students.2. Advantages of working in a chain convenience store: poor working intensity, more days off in addition to the required delivery time;The room is clean and gassy compared to other areas.Defects: Frequent liquidation, with a probability of error;Be very careful of those who steal.Highly recommended: day class is suitable for boys and girls, night class is suitable for boys.3. Advantages of working in the nightclub: the work intensity is average, there is music TV, the natural environment is relaxed, and you can work with close classmates or good friends.Disadvantages: Although the work intensity is not great, but the running time is generally relatively late.Highly recommended: suitable for boys and girls who often stay up late.4. Advantages of working in a restaurant: strong work intensity, there are songs in the work place, the workers can get up easily;Food is much better than other work.Faults: Because of the constant need to stand, energy;It takes a lot of work to serve several people.Strongly recommended: suitable for boys students, girls can also.5. Advantages of working in construction sites: high work intensity, high salary;Lunch meal is good, have rest day, can leave work early.Defects: there is a risk of injury in the work link;Physical and mental health hazards caused by dust and pests;It’s harder for people who don’t like waking up early.Highly recommended: suitable for boys.6. Tutor advantage: Easy to lecture, free to control the time, a lot of income, but also to ensure adequate learning time, is the best choice for work-study.Defects: almost no defects, but your Korean level should be high.Highly recommended: suitable for boys and girls.7. Advantages of being a Chinese teacher: the natural environment is elegant, and I can make many good friends. It is undoubtedly the most suitable for students who like education.The remuneration is also very good, more than 1 million a month.Defects: Sometimes it may conflict with the teaching time, but if you pay attention to some methods in the process of electives, it can be completely prevented;A high level of Korean is required.Highly recommended: suitable for boys and girls.8. Advantages of being an interpreter in Chinese scenic spots: Casual at work and high salary.Defects: The Korean language level should be high, the requirements to master the various levels of professional knowledge of Korea, the running time is not very clear.Highly recommended: suitable for boys and girls.Four, why to work to study?1. Can quickly integrate into the social development of South Korea, get to know a large number of South Korean friends, to learn and train The Korean language and culture of great assistance.2. Work-study can learn more professional knowledge, to your future work and life will be very helpful.3. Work-study is the best opportunity to shape self-consciousness and self-control.4. Work-study will help you find a better path for you.These expectations will help you to some extent.To learn more