The Ministry of Education: Universal compulsory education for children with disabilities to accelerate the improvement of the special education system

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Beijing, January 26 (People’s Daily Online) — The General Office of the State Council recently forwarded the “14th Five-Year Plan” action Plan for the Development and Promotion of Special Education (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Education Promotion Plan”) issued by the Ministry of Education and other departments, proposing that by 2025, the enrollment rate of disabled children in compulsory education will reach 97%.The Ministry of Education said that universal compulsory education for disabled children is the top priority, and the equal right of disabled children to receive education should be guaranteed.According to the official, the special Education Promotion Plan proposes specific measures to continuously improve the level of compulsory education for disabled children. First, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of school attendance with classes, to ensure that disabled children of appropriate age should be given priority to attend school as soon as possible and as soon as they are nearby.Second, we will strengthen the construction of special education schools, increase the effective supply of academic degrees, and encourage counties (cities and districts) with a population of 200,000 or more to run a special education school that meets standards.Special education schools for autistic children will be rationally distributed, and provincial capitals, cities specifically designated in the state plan and large cities will be encouraged to build special education schools for autistic children.Third, we will improve the system of sending teachers to schools, encourage all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) to improve their standards for sending teachers to schools, scientifically identify service objects, standardize the form and content of sending teachers to schools, strengthen management of the process of sending teachers to schools, and improve the quality of such services. Children with disabilities who can attend schools are not included in the scope of sending teachers to schools.At present, the needs of disabled children and adolescents for preschool education and post-high school education are increasing day by day.The Ministry of Education said that the “special education promotion plan” on the basis of consolidating the achievements of compulsory education stage, proposed to speed up the extension of pre-school and high school and beyond the two ends of the extension of school services.Reporters noticed that “special-education promotion project”, through the ordinary kindergarten receiving followed in the nearby kindergarten, disabled children, in the special education school, conditional child welfare agencies and add the front or ancillary kindergarten and set special special education in kindergarten (class) and so on a variety of ways to provide pre-school education to children with any disability.In the upper and middle schools, efforts will be made to develop special education at the senior high school level, with the focus on vocational education, support regular vocational schools and senior high schools in accepting disabled students in their classes, encourage special education schools to set up vocational education departments (classes), and encourage regular secondary vocational schools to set up special education departments (classes).By 2025, every prefecture-level city (prefecture) and eligible county (city, district) will have one secondary vocational ministry (class) for the disabled, and at least one secondary vocational school for the disabled and one senior high school (ministry) for the blind and deaf will be set up in every province (district, city).The special education Promotion Plan also calls for steady development of higher special education, strengthening the construction of special education colleges and universities, adding relevant majors suitable for disabled students, and improving measures for disabled students to study in ordinary colleges and universities.We will support regular institutions of higher learning, open universities and institutions of higher learning for adults to provide continuing education for persons with disabilities, and smooth and improve channels of lifelong learning for persons with disabilities.”The targets of special education are complex and vary significantly, and it is difficult to teach and expensive to provide education. Therefore, we need to stick to special education, strengthen the guarantee of conditions, provide special support on the basis of the policy of universal benefit, improve the capacity of support, and make up for weak links in development.”According to the official, the “special education Promotion Plan” puts forward specific requirements in terms of improving conditions for running special education, increasing financial investment and strengthening the construction of teachers.According to the special Education Promotion Plan, by 2025, the average annual public spending for disabled students in special education schools and regular classes will be raised to more than 7,000 yuan per student.We will implement the policy of allocating funds for all pre-school and senior high school students, continue to give preference to special education, continue to provide free senior high school education to students with disabilities from poor families, and ensure that students with disabilities from poor families receive priority financial aid.We will encourage teachers to offer special education courses, implement subsidies for special education teachers, ensure their benefits, and attract outstanding talents to engage in special education.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: