Spring Festival, the Courier is still busy

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Sf Express Tangjiadun business site, the Courier left behind during the Spring Festival took time to eat dumplings.During the Spring Festival, people are busy with reunions. Chinese from all over the country, including overseas Chinese who cannot go back home, never forget their relatives far away. They send gifts and local specialties to each other and express their affection and homesickness through express delivery.Express logistics blowout before the festival.How to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of stamp products to the public? In recent days, the reporter visited many express outlets and international mail processing centers to learn about the various links of express mail and the hard work of the Courier.Sf Express tangjiadun business site, during the Spring Festival, the fast and timely transfer of goods just arrived, the staff of their respective duties in an orderly manner.Spring Festival express peak, logistics freight drivers in the car to prepare a quilt, rest in the car at any time.The Spring Festival holiday does not close, the reporter in SF Express Tangjiadun business point to see, goods piling up, there are some residents will buy from the New Year goods, gifts and other sent over, concentrated packaging sent to relatives and friends.”The volume of delivery and collection of express goods increased by 30 percent compared to last month, and some nuts and gift boxes increased by 50 percent.”Sf express Tang Jiadun business point director Li Peng, the Spring Festival holiday business point one-third of the staff left behind, the Spring Festival overtime is very hard, overtime to take voluntary registration, the company will issue “koi” red envelope, overtime pay, withdraw wages and other rewards.The Spring Festival flavor is thick, many citizens are very happy to receive greetings from distant friends and relatives, the “intimate” interaction between the citizens and the Courier increased, the citizens a warm words, a cup of hot water, an apple, the Courier brother in the heart are very warm, feel so hurried not only in the delivery but in the transfer of happiness.Sf express Tangjiadun business point, during the Spring Festival, fast and timely transshipment of goods.During the Spring Festival, sf Express’s Tangjiadun outlet disinfected every item it received.International mail has to go through four customs, more than ten times of elimination, standing for 24 hours of customs clearance and other measures to ensure mail safety.In the face of international mail, Wuhan International Mail Processing Center adopts four gateways, more than ten times of elimination, standing for 24 hours of customs clearance and other measures to ensure the security of mail.At each express station, the entry and elimination of goods has been the epidemic prevention standard.During the Spring Festival, Courier boys are still busy delivering goods in the city’s residential areas.Saving hero Courier little brother Zhang Yu, sorting out Courier items in the community transfer station.(Photo by Liu Bin, Reporter of Changjiang Daily, Jin Wenbing)