Russia-ukraine war on the horizon?Ukraine’s president spoke out as ukrainians fled Kiev overnight

2022-08-01 0 By

Recently, The United States President Joe Biden predicted the date of war between Russia and Ukraine, said that Russia will act in a few days, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine time really finalized?Russia-ukraine war on the horizon?Issue after biden’s speech, Ukraine’s domestic chaos, a large number of Ukrainian overnight escape from Kiev, including capital in the fields of oligarchs, former politicians, even some on-the-job Ukrainian civil servants, important people to a large number of Ukraine run asylum abroad, President jersey even, urgent voice ordered: leave Ukraine business oligarchs and politicians must be returned within 24 hours.The graph is biden the homing from Ukraine in the United States the outbreak of war drama, Ukraine’s domestic chaos, lost a lot of rich in order to avoid their charter overnight fled abroad, there have been reports on February 13, alone, there are 20 charter flight and private jets, from Ukraine’s domestic airport, fly to Berlin, London, Paris and other overseas cities,Embarrassed by the fact that more than half of Ukraine’s parliamentarians who have fled the country consider themselves public servants, Zelensky demanded that those MPS and rich people fleeing the fighting return home immediately.The graph is a private jet propaganda, Ukraine’s President office requires that all members within 24 hours to return to Ukraine, Ukraine’s parliament is open 24 hours a day 7 days of continuous work mode, stop to approve any politicians want to request to go abroad, and want to maximum attendance in parliament, because of the effect of a large number of members fled abroad,As a result, the closed-door meeting on the assessment and analysis of the security situation in and outside Ukraine, which was supposed to be held on The 13th, was also postponed, and many Ukrainians were strongly dissatisfied with the fleeing crowds.Fled the country’s capital, Ukraine net friend chided have said oligarchs have plundered the wealth of nations 30 years, if there is no monopoly of continuous looting, can have a powerful army in Ukraine, Russia also dare not attack Ukraine, a fugitive’s richest man, has confirmed the including Ukraine first richest akhmetov, all family members go to Zurich, Switzerland,And the family of former President Leonid Kuchma, the second richest person in Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s Pravda newspaper, 96 of the 100 richest Ukrainians on Forbes’ list have moved their families or assets abroad.The graph is given private plane for the U.S. President Joe biden forecast of the war, even if there is no direct war, or to an already fragile economy of Ukraine’s worse, a large number of rich to transfer property, Ukraine suffered huge losses, the rumor “invasion” of Ukraine, Russia, and give a specific date, the purpose of the analysis thinks,The United States wants all European countries to be involved in the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine in a short period of time, so that NATO is forced to take a new round of actions against Russia, which makes the situation in Eastern Europe more chaotic and allows the United States to reap the benefits from the chaos.After continuously affected by the epidemic, the current U.S. unemployment is high, price is high, the dollar devaluation and biden’s approval ratings falling downward situation, Joe biden, will face a new round of campaign, need to go back to the lower approval ratings in the short term, it is necessary to issue in Europe, by selling weapons to the United States behind the scenes with the aid of a war chaos of finance,For Mr Biden, the chaos in Ukraine was caused by America’s fear of chaos, which plays to the advantage of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.The writer is nanshu.