Rumor Lin Junjie drug evasion rape women, Xie Minghao recent exposure, netizens: universal jubilation

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In August last year, with the “sound of a firecrak” from Du Meizhu, the entertainment industry began to call for the public to report bad actors.Many artists innocent, personal reputation is greatly hurt.The most seriously injured was Asian superstar Jj Lin.The past two years have been quite baffling for Lin Junjie. He has been sitting at home with POTS coming from heaven.The expression of the most intense when the original company trainees, claiming to be “small fresh meat” Xie Minghao.Born in 1998, Xie Minghao was 16 years old when he became famous for his cover of “One is like Summer and the other is like Autumn”. The following year, his cover of “Tree Ring” gained a certain degree of attention.In 2015, at the age of 17, Xie Minghao began to make his debut as an artist in various variety shows.Xie Minghao’s performing arts career can be said to be “poor”, no improvement in two or three years, talent show variety fire to learn someone else to be a trainee, the result has no chance to perform.2021 do not know who inspired, Xie Minghao suddenly “transformation” poison tongue artist, who spray who, who red out who, in order to flow very little rumor slander.Unfortunately in the shooting of a lot of artists, initially some flow stars, by sensationalism harvest a large wave of negative traffic.Xie Minghao see organic can take advantage of, the greater the play, actually the talon into Lin Junjie, Pan Wilber this big coffee!In August 2021, Xie issued a series of articles alleging Lin junjie and Pan Wilber had taken drugs, enticed others to take drugs, evaded taxes and raped women, and claimed to have obtained “true evidence”.Xie Minghao also called Lin Junjie Pan Wilber, hope they “public poison test”.The low-grade trick didn’t stop fans from bonding with their idols, nor did the two stars.Lin Junjie does not give color directly, a paper complaint will be sued in court.It’s been six months now. How’s the case going?Xie’s recent situation came to light when Shanghai Jiuze Law Firm issued a notice on February 18, giving a detailed report on the case.In a bit of black humor, the libel case against Hsieh Ming-hao was suspended by the court because Hsieh ming-hao was “detained in another place on suspicion of other crimes”.According to media reports, By “suspected of other crimes”, Hsieh refers to fraud involving the identity of a public figure.It is also strange, these two years there are frequent artists engaged in fraud, in 2020, a trainee on the use of scalping masks to implement fraud, cheated more than 100,000 yuan in prison for three years.If Lin Junjie knows this situation, I’m afraid he can only smile, did not expect to Sue the rights of the queue, the plaintiff when very lose face.Netizens were delighted, many netizens posted a post to celebrate, called “universal celebration”.Xie Minghao is a bit like the director Chen in the name of the People. He was sent in by Lin Junjie after he had just been in prison.To tell the truth at that time Xie Minghao has actually abandoned himself, work completely regardless of the consequences, come to such a end is normal.