National football suffocating scene: No one in Japan rob, annual salary of 8 million Xu Xin pass Wu Lei, the ball out of bounds

2022-08-01 0 By

The national football team and Japan in the match, staged a quite bizarre scene, The Chinese team 0-2 down the situation, the two have overseas experience of the national foot Xu Xin and Wu Lei, directly staged a ridiculous error to xu Xin to Wu Lei, Wu Lei did not receive the ball out of bounds.I don’t know what you think of this, but let us know in the comments below. Thank you.Is the time to China to 72 minutes at that time, China a rare opportunity to get a front attack, xuxin dribbling breakthrough, after the ball in midfield in the absence of opponents closing down, he was prepared to points on the right side of the ball to lei, lei here? Nobody defense, defensive player from his recent more than three metres away, this time China hesitated, want to lei,A ball with a larger advance, but Wu Lei did not have an obvious judgment on the rhythm of Xu Xin’s pass. As a result, the ball was passed to Wu Lei and directly caused the ball to go out of bounds.Wu Lei said very helpless, netizens are also helpless, in the absence of opponents will appear under the circumstances of such a huge outrageous mistake, the Chinese team’s game rhythm and morale are really incomprehensible.Wu Lei station’s position distance from the bottom line is still quite far, so easily give up, also fully see, China team is really army morale lax, no fighting spirit.To know that this is already China’s two best players, Xu Xin with an annual salary of 8 million, this season in shandong ushered in a rebirth, performance is very good, recently Shanghai SIPG is using the national foot maximum salary to lure him, it is said that has basically negotiated a transfer, will soon be announced by the general official transfer.As a result, such a star with a big salary in the Chinese Super League can pass the ball into such a match, the Chinese team can pass the ball so wrong, so ridiculous, how can not make people laugh off their teeth.Laugh behind the head off the heart is more pathetic, Chinese football look let a person despair, it is no wonder that huang said China football now with Japan’s poor not a year two years or 10 years, but nearly 30 years gap, this night, not pure is the failure of the 11 players on the pitch, but also the entire Chinese football people sad.