“Let love fall to the ground” kneel, micro wine this pure love dog grain tube full, 9.9 points super sweet!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# Novel recommendation # Today xiaobi recommend to you: “Let Love Fall Free” kneel, micro wine this pure love dog food tube full, 9.9 minutes super sweet!The first book: “let love fall freely” author: Lin Di er introduction: she and he from a night that cannot speak, hearsay he and female boss have ambiguous, a pair into pair;And had a crush on a woman for four years.Guide to the pit: all the commendation assembly is a pattern, the president sat in a row, according to the position from the middle to both sides of the spread, the first row of the stage sat the commendation, wearing red silk on the chest, TV reporters carrying cameras like machine guns, from time to time to sweep.Tong Yue sat at the end, beside her was Meng Yu, the youngest of the ten outstanding teachers.For this honor, Tong Yue got a little puzzling.Meng Yu is a gold medal teacher, that is deserved.She is like a small star hidden in the universe, has no light of its own.She was very ashamed, zheng Zhi turned away.Zheng Zhi said to her very seriously, this is the superior leadership and all the teachers and students of her unanimous recognition.If she keeps pushing, she’s a little out of touch.The mayor in charge of education spoke first, then the secretary of education, then the governor.Tong Yue pulled the red silk on the chest, this feeling is not very proud, proud, said the zoo monkeys that is self-deprecating, like a parade.She glanced quietly at Meng Yu, her waist straight, her eyes focused.Ling Ling today also specially let him change a dark blue suit, more add a few heroic spirit.Meng Yu, as its name, in addition to teaching performance is very special, other aspects of the world is completely unsophisticated.Ling Ling is too familiar with the world, and colleagues harmony, and the leadership of the close, students coax round and round, teaching is ok.Others feel that she and Meng Yu do not match, but they from the university to now, love for eight years, day by day, has bought a new house, decoration is ready to get married.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “President Daddy pet Heaven” author: Bei Xiaoai introduction: Suffered a stepmother framed, she and mysterious man night lingering, was eventually forced to leave the country.Five years later, she returned with a pair of beautiful dragons and phoenixes!Into the pit guide: the little boy is small, hair quality is surprisingly good, black and smooth, hair quality and more, lined with a white jade like a small face, can not say out of the beautiful delicate.”Mommy, you’re home!Have you had dinner yet?”Small Rui immediately put down the toys in his hands, ran over to care about Tang Youyou, warm male temperament, young age is reflected.”Yes!Take a bath and go to bed. I have to report to kindergarten in the morning.”Tang Youyou can’t help kissing his son’s small face, low soft said.Cheng Wanlian has blow-dried Xiao Nai’s long hair, took a rubber band for her two small braids.”Youyou, you go to the bath first, I put the two little ones to bed!”Cheng Wanlian has brought up two children in one hand and is experienced in coaxing children.Tang home two small treasure and especially obedient sensible, clever let Cheng Wanlian was surprised.”Hard aunt!”Tang Youyou thanked her with gratitude, her eyes slightly moist.But in the presence of the child she bore her grievance, and no matter how bitter or painful it was, she never shed tears in the presence of the child.Although the baby is small, it is very smart, and the depression of adults will also affect the baby’s mood.Introduction: Legend has it that this is a special class, and teachers who have taught this class will be cursed.Unknown so ji nuaner strayed into this class, but also became an acting head teacher.Guide to getting into the pit: Soapy touched her head and smiled. “That’s another story, eh, another story.”Mu Yang patted su Bai’s head, hate iron does not become steel like say, “is really hopeless!”Then mu Yang turned his head, a smile to the season warm son said: “Season teacher, I invite you to dinner?”Su Bo eat pain knead knead head, hear mu Yang this sentence, fried hair, “you still say me?You’re no good!”Ji Nuaner looked at the two of them fighting, mouth can not help but hook up, really is a child.Ji Nuan’s invisible smile was seen by the other three, and she was shocked.It seems that I have never seen Such a gentle smile from Ji Nuan…”Miss Ji, let’s have dinner together!Consider it a thank you.”Su Bo and mu Yang finished, began to advise season warm son and they go to dinner.Quim looked at the city as it slowly descended into darkness and was silent for a moment. “All right.Why don’t you call a cab? I can’t hold so many people.”Ling Mu Chen soon called to their own driver, self-care to sit up, do not know why, his heart more and more agitated.(Click below to read for free) “Let love Fall free” kneel, micro wine this pure love dog food tube full, 9.9 minutes super sweet!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.”Thirteen years of frozen soil” super, Mo Yu childe this disease jiao wen more cool, 9.9 points sweet to burst!Beat “dark department warm marriage”, Mu Ye seed this high dry 9.9 points rise, overnight brush non-stop!”His canary” never tired of seeing, year chao chao this pure love dog food tube full, 9.9 points blowing explosion!