Kiwiev more than 80,000 landing expected to be so good to use

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VB horse owners bought domestic trams, landing more than 80,000, did not expect that it would be so good to run with most consumers in the “consumption upgrade” trend, the car will generally be better and better, there are few from expensive cars to cheap cars.Two days ago, when I was browsing the forum, I saw a car owner selling a BMW MINI and buying a domestic electric car — Baojun KiWi EV. You should know that the price difference between the two cars is not the least bit. Moreover, since the launch of KiWi EV, there has been a controversy over the appearance design, which is polarized, and my friends like it very much.Friends who don’t like it think its design is incongruous.This woman is satisfied with the KiWi EV. Why does she have such a comment?According to the orders posted by the female owner, her surname is Chen, let’s call her Xiao Chen.As can be seen from Chen’s description, their family should be quite good. Her husband had a BMW X5 before and she drove an old MINI COOPER. Then her husband bought a Model S and developed a liking for electric cars.So her husband just bought her a KiWi EV.At the beginning, Chen was quite resistant to KiWi EV. After all, the KiWi EV was only launched at 80,000 yuan, which was really a bit different from her previous MINI. However, after the KiWi EV was opened for a period of time, Chen gradually began to give favorable comments.Let’s take a look at Chen’s car experience.Chen put forward two points of high praise for KiWi EV: first, it is easy to drive and second, it is easy to park, which is also what Chen cares about as a female car owner.Most trams are getting bigger and bigger. In my opinion, the major car companies are neglecting a key point. After all, trams are more suitable for commuting in cities, where parking Spaces are small and inconvenient, so it is better to make the size of cars smaller for commuting.The vehicle length of KiWi EV is 2894mm, which is less than 2.9m long, which is only half the size of a standard parking space. For example, when Xiao Chen goes shopping or eats, he can stop at a roadside parking space. If he cannot find a parking space, he can also find a small space to squeeze in.Despite the small size of the KiWi EV, Chen said the space was enough for her. When she drove the MINI, she rarely sat in the back seat, except for her clothes and bags.The design of the KiWi EV is similar to that of Chen’s three-door version of the MINI. The KiWi EV also has a three-door, four-seat layout, and the rear seats can recline, which is enough for Chen, who often drives alone, even when there is an occasional need for people.Besides, it is easy to drive. In fact, Chen used to drive her family’s Model S frequently. She is not particularly resistant to trams, but feels that they are very comfortable to drive.The KiWi EV is just what Chen needs. It has 54 horsepower, and even Chen can tread on suet when driving, which is just right for her.At the same time, the KiWi EV range is 305km, Chen usually is the urban generation step, go to work, shopping and so on, that is certainly enough, and KiWi EV also supports external discharge, Chen and friends in the suburbs, but also can directly use the induction cooker to cook hot pot.The event will run from February 5, 2022 to February 24, 2022