In 47, He Zizhen returned to China and made a request to the organization. Twelve years later, the great man fulfilled it for her

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We all have emotions and desires.Born in the secular always have a variety of obstacles, affection, love, friendship are essential to everyone’s spiritual world.Whether in the war of Resistance against Japanese aggression 100 years ago, or in today’s, everyone is the most difficult to give up or seven emotions and six desires.Especially in the war of Resistance against Japan, the beacon fire even in March, the letter is worth ten thousand gold.In the era of war, no matter how hard it is to give up the family should be put behind, all state first.The most typical representative is the great man. There are several important women in his life, including his first wife and his comrade-in-arms, all of which are the past that he cannot give up.But as a great man, he had to give up and run to national affairs.One of them has a great influence on his life, she is He Zizhen.He Zizhen is not only a lover but also a comrade-in-arms to a great man.In 47, He Zizhen returned to China and made a request to the organization. Twelve years later, the great man fulfilled it for him.He Zizhen was born in an ordinary family in Xinxiang, Jiangxi Province.He received a good education in his childhood, so he is open-minded, because of the ordinary family conditions, did not always study.In addition, in that chaotic era, the oppressed landlord class and bureaucrats were often arrogant and domineering, and the common people were often overwhelmed.It was because he Zizhen went out of school to see all these situations in the world that he was filled with the idea of justice and struggle.So she dares to fight and pursue justice from an early age.So she took the path of revolution.He Zizhen was fiercely independent, and even alone, she maintained justice in Jinggangshan.As a patriotic hot-blooded youth, He Zizhen participated in the Jinggangshan revolutionary team formally joined the anti-japanese action.At that time, jinggangshan did not establish a base area, but there was a nest of bandits in rampant oppression of the local people, so he Zizhen launched the action of suppressing bandits there.At that time, the great man happened to be on his way to Jinggangshan. When he saw a dashing young man, he thought he was a bandit.Later, I realized that he zizhen was a patriot. Although he zizhen was heroic and heroic, he zizhen was handsome and charming, which impressed the great man at first sight.Later, the great man established a revolutionary base in Jinggangshan, and they became familiar with each other. They often talked with each other and talked very harmoniously.To a great man, He Zizhen is a progressive young man with great ambitions, like a confidante.In he Zizhen’s mind, the great man is like a beam of light, shining into his heart.Although he Zizhen had not read many books, she had advanced thinking and had a good understanding of what the great men said, and they had a good conversation.It has to be said that great men always have a unique charm, which attracts He Zizhen to approach slowly.The great man was also attracted by the unique charm of He Zizhen, so the great man launched a strong pursuit of He Zizhen, under the premise of not affecting the state, they got together and got married.In life, He Zizhen takes care of great men, but in revolution, great men are also his direction.02 He Zizhen’s marriage is destined to be less together and more apart, they have their own things to busy.In particular, great people have their own families, but they are busy with affairs of state.Very little consideration for the feelings of the family.Soon after their marriage, He zizhen became pregnant.But the war was now in full swing, and the great man cared even more for her and the baby to be born.And He Zizhen is also very considerate, knowing that great men work hard, and did not hagiver over every ounce in this matter, gave birth to a child alone.After many years in this way, He Zizhen was also unusually busy. On the one hand, she had to write a great man to deal with a lot of things on the revolution.On the one hand, take care of the family.Such a great lady, for the sake of her country, to save her people.However, no reasonable person will remain silent after a long period of indifference. Finally, He Zizhen broke out when she gave birth to her last child.Because the great man does not care about his family for a long time, husband and wife also gather less from more, resulting in he Zizhen’s accumulated mood is more and more, and he Zizhen at this time is pregnant with their last child, but she is on the verge of despair can not bear the burden of life, decided to go to the Soviet Union alone.Soon after, He Zizhen gave birth to a boy named Liao Va in the Soviet Union. However, because his mother was overwhelmed with grief during pregnancy, the boy was not in good health after birth, and soon fell ill and died. And He Zizhen’s spirit became more and more broken, which may be the reason for his long-term isolation.Soon after, the great men heard of her current situation and felt sorry for themselves, so they sent their daughter Li Min to the Soviet Union to accompany her mother.But the great man did not know, at this time he Zizhen poor mental state to the extreme, Li Min went to, he Zizhen often beat her move, the Soviet Union she sent a lot of letters to the great man, but did not get a reply.Later, the revolutionary soldiers became more and more urgent, and the great man did not care about He Zizhen in the Soviet Union, so he wrote a letter and sent it to He Zizhen. When He Zizhen received and left the book, he had mixed feelings in his heart.Of course she was very reluctant, but she could not go against the wishes of the great man.In 1947, he Zizhen returned to China with his daughter and Li Min, while the great man was already beside his wife.Treacherous officials in power, he Zizhen can only be prevented from convalescently outside.During her convalescence, her only wish was to meet the great man.He made a request to the central government, but received no response.Until the collapse of the Gang of Four, He Zizhen urgently made a request to the central government, but the great man was reluctant to see her.Maybe out of feeling sorry for her, not wanting to face the truth.Finally, 12 years after He Zizhen returned to China, the great man still decided to see her under everyone’s plea. They met without too much language, but they had mixed emotions in their hearts.Conclusion: Even great men can not give up their love, let alone ordinary people?Anti-japanese is coming, even the great man and he Zizhen two love each other can not give up their small home, for everyone.So he gave up his love, affection.He Zizhen was heartbroken because of this. Their national righteousness was really touching.He Zizhen went to the Soviet Union alone because of temporary anger, missing the great man.In order to make up for her apology, the great man sent their daughter Li Min to the Soviet Union to accompany her mother.By the time he Zizhen had thought everything through and wanted to return home to meet the great man, it was too late.When the new China was founded, He Zizhen asked the organization to meet the great man, but the great man did not have the courage to meet her.At last the great man agreed to meet her after being begged by the crowd.After the two met without much to say, but as if the world.