Fight the epidemic and respond with vigor!Shenzhen: telephone send me!Zhengzhou: Always

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In China’s fight against the epidemic in 2022, there are two bold responses that make people cry and break their guard!Shenzhen has: “phone to me!”Zhengzhou has: “always in!”We are the chronicler, but also the witness, a media person’s sealing and control of the documentary, change the perspective of Zhengzhou’s fight against the epidemic behind the story!This is not only the battle with the virus, but also zhengzhou people launched a jedi back to the difficulties.Health workers walk from house to house doing nucleic acid tests, and communities do their best to keep life as usual.We are in the fog, but also to the spine of zhengzhou people.Zhengzhou come on!Refueling Henan!Us: always there!!Source: Zhengguan News editor Luo Chan