Do high-quality goods public edition book test publisher wisdom

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At the beginning of the New Year, it is the time when all publishing organizations begin to work hard to select topics.Among the numerous topics, the classic public edition books with high popularity in the book market are favored by numerous publishing organizations.But working on a public book is never easy.Because, do not do well, not only will destroy the reputation of a publishing institution, but also will intensify the situation of repeated publication, disorderly publication, the majority of readers suffer from the spiritual loss of reading classics, material loss.Every year, a number of works by famous Chinese and foreign artists enter the public domain, and the same will be true in 2022.This year edition, a writer and scholar in the field of the common including famous historian arrange in China, the famous calligrapher, educator, shen yin-mo modern painter, educators pan, a famous poet WenJie, Greek poet George seferis George, and Hungary renowned philosopher and literary critics the belgae, lukacs, famous Japanese novelist shiga straight zai, etc.These famous, scholars have a high degree of visibility, works also have a great impact, some works at that time has spread like wildfire.However, times have changed, and with the development of The Times, it is not always easy for today’s readers to find their works in libraries or on the market.Therefore, the entry of these famous works into the public domain is a good news for the vast number of readers who yearn for high-quality reading, and for many publishing organizations, it is also a great opportunity for topic discovery, topic expansion and variety improvement.The author thinks that although the public edition has been subjected to all kinds of criticism for many years, how to divide this huge “cake” really tests the publishing wisdom of a publishing organization.Nowadays, making a public edition book is by no means a simple matter of taking a copy of the works of famous artists who have entered the public edition field, re-designing the cover and re-publishing it.All the smart publishing institutions have incorporated the publication of public edition books into their publishing strategies, carefully promoted and rationally arranged.For example, the “Classic Translated Forest” series published by Yilin Publishing House has both academic and disciplinary significance.Editors need to carefully select the original version they are based on, and more importantly, they need to carefully select translators, both of which require the support of professional knowledge, professional ability and professional experience.The translation team of “Classic Translation Forest” brought together translators in English, French, Russian, German and other languages: Fu Lei, Zhu Shenghao, Xiao Gan, Cao Ying, Li Gang, Yang Bi, Xu Yuanchong, Wen Jieruo, Li Wenjun, etc.In order to ensure the quality of the text, the “classic translation forest” is almost translated from the original text. For example, the Collection of Ancient Greek Tragedies and Comedies was translated from Greek, and the famous ancient Greek literature experts Zhang Zhuming and Wang Huansheng worked on it for ten years.The Arabian Nights is a translation from Arabic, zhi Puhao, a researcher at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an expert on Arabic literature.It can be seen that successful publishers regard the public edition book as a work of great cultural heritage value, and will not do the work without cultural influence.This not only shows the cultural mission and cultural feelings of publishers, but also meets the needs of The Times when readers are eager to read truly valuable cultural masterpieces.Recently issued by the state press and publication administration of the publishing industry “difference” development plan “, put forward the major projects 39 key tasks, 46, was completed in 2035 specifically to the grand goal of cultural power, and to achieve the above goals, no publications of high quality support is not possible, also including the high quality version of the book.In order to achieve high quality publication, the early planning of book topic selection is particularly critical.Although the public edition of the book is the “tang Monk meat” in the eyes of the public, but this “meat” is not as easy to eat as people imagine.Because, today’s book market environment has changed, readers’ reading tastes have changed, and the way of publishing management has changed. It is obviously futile to try to get a public edition book to select topics in a hurry, rush to publish, blindly enter the market, thinking that it will harvest a pot full of POTS.The author thought that published edition of books to awe, heart of skill, not simply, but to its stock through mining, improve print character, creative, innovative development, make new version, give readers more knowledge connotation and new reading experience, through deep second development, increase the “added value”.As the expert suggests, in the index, arrangement, revision, design are careful, exquisite, the pursuit of excellence version, make it look at home, high-quality books.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: