District Party Secretary Li Zheng went to the district Development and reform Commission to carry out research

2022-08-01 0 By

On the afternoon of February 14th, Li Zheng, secretary of CPC District Committee, went to the committee to carry out research, and all the members of the committee attended the meeting.At the meeting, Zhang Lixin, party Secretary and Director of the District Development and Reform Commission, reported the key work of the committee in 2022.Li Zheng secretary after briefing give full affirmation, and puts forward three requirements: one is continue to strengthen the forward-looking layout thinking, after 20 years ecological island, chongming has walked out of the new way of “ecological priority and green development”, the path is clear, the next stage to realize green on the low carbon high quality development, strengthen the thinking and exploration.Second, we strengthened research on key tasks.Focusing on the implementation policies of the plan for the development of world-class ecological islands, supporting policies for the “Five-New” ecological industrial system, construction of carbon-neutral demonstration zones, demonstration of green development in the Yangtze Economic Belt, coordination of major projects, and joint construction of the Five United States and the United States, we will intensify coordinated research, focus on key and difficult issues, and intensify efforts to make progress.Third, strengthen the team building, relying on “ecological green bar” and other activities, set up a learning platform for cadres, improve the learning level of cadres and work position.Deputy district chief Xu Huiquan accompanied the investigation.