Congjiang County: spring farming to protect electricity not by mistake

2022-08-01 0 By

Current during the plowing season farming preparation, to increase agricultural production power supply security, southern power grid kaili of guizhou congjiang plowing guaranteed supply of agricultural production plan for power supply bureau, opened electricity “green channel” for spring planting, and deep into the fields to farmers in the safe knowledge, understand the demand, is the escort of spring production.February 16, the bureau of staff to run in congjiang County Guan Dong town field, patrol distribution lines, to carry out temperature measurement of the transformer, and to the villagers in the field to promote the knowledge of safe electricity, electricity operators for technical guidance, to prevent the occurrence of misoperation events.Spring, in order to further play the “engine” role of good power in agricultural production, to ensure the power supply is adequate, during spring the agency organization staff to a baseline screening of power spring utilization within their respective jurisdictions, the scene to guide farmers use electricity, promptly eliminate hidden dangers of electricity for spring production with high quality, quick service.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Xia Hua editor plant Fengxian editor Pan Guangchen