This year there is a hot pants called: acetic acid 9 minutes pants!Look thin fashionable, 50, 60 years old temperament soaring

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“Beauty must be clean and pure, in image, and more so in mind.”In a single sentence, Montesquieu expresses the highest beauty of a woman.This clean beauty, standing there simply, is already pleasing;This kind of clean beauty, is through countless muddy, face no wind and frost;This kind of clean beauty, is the heart experienced vicissitudes of life, still do not forget the original heart.In the woman clean and decent appearance, more hidden a kind of “let him mountains and rivers broken, I from the heart to the sun” calm and elegant.Today, let’s talk about pants for women in their 50s and 60s.This year there is a hot pants called: acetic acid 9 minutes pants!Show thin fashionable, 50, 60 years old temperament soaring!Acetic acid 9-minute pants are actually quite common in the daily life of middle-aged women. It generally refers to 9-minute pants made of acetic acid fabric.This kind of pants with acetic acid fabric is very popular with middle-aged women and sought after, its 9 minutes of length design just control in the middle-aged woman’s thin ankle near, so not only thin more soft and comfortable, always can set off the middle-aged woman’s temperament gorgeous and graceful and generous side.1. Plain color suit/shirt + acetic acid 9-minute pants wearing combination Plain color suit is a coat that middle-aged women cannot do without every day. Its version design usually maintains a moderate loose sense, which is more consistent with the age and charm of middle-aged women.This gray suit is paired with white acetic acid pants in a neat and free style. The white acetic acid pants just play a certain visual brightening effect, which not only modiifies the leg lines of middle-aged women, but also keeps an echo with the suit in the style of dressing, and wears mature but does not look old at all.2. Printed turtleneck + acetic acid 9-minute pants wearing combination with printed patterns decorated with turtleneck is often more fashionable, can wear middle-aged women to achieve the role of wearing age-reducing.This black print polo neck is a colorful top with a white floral pattern on the black body. It is delicate and durable.The lower body is matched with khaki acetic acid pants of 9 minutes, the length of 9 minutes perfectly emphasizes the middle-aged woman’s slender ankle part, the shape is high and thin, especially fashionable and foreign.The blue printed turtleneck on the right belongs to a coat with strong sense of design, with a splicing of blue and white on the body. The style is simple and generous with design details.Gray acetic acid pants with 9 minutes on the legs, gray acetic acid material with a little matte feeling, wearing calm and neat and decent atmosphere, very suitable for middle-aged women in daily leisure occasions to choose, to help us highlight the charm of clothing.3. The combination of knitted short-sleeve jacket + acetic acid pants is also very suitable for middle-aged women in spring and summer. The knitted fabric is not only delicate but also very slim, which can well help middle-aged women outline the outline of the upper body.The combination of this pink knit short-sleeved shirt and beige acetic acid 9-minute pants is fresh and bright. Both are also light-colored clothes, which can effectively weaken the feeling of age when middle-aged women wear clothes, so beautiful that they can not see the real age of middle-aged women.Of course, white short-sleeved knitted top is a timeless choice for middle-aged women. White is a slightly brighter color that can effectively brighten the skin tone of middle-aged women’s faces.This white knit short-sleeved top is a classic, cardigan style with rich design details.The beige acetic acid 9-minute pants matched on the legs are exactly the same as the white knit short-sleeved top in style, showing a slim figure and high height, showing the high-grade charm of middle-aged clothes.If middle-aged women want to wear a casual and comfortable age-reducing effect, then we can choose this kind of white denim casual coat.This white denim casual coat belongs to the pure color dress with simple color, and the loose profile is quite crisp, which can always modify the figure curve of the upper body of middle-aged women.The khaki acetate 9 minutes pants with the lower body are relatively slim, so the panasonic tight wear combination, very suitable for middle-aged women with upper-body fat to choose.No matter how fashion trends change, there will always be a place for clothes with some classic foundations.Like this white T-shirt and grey acetate pants, middle-aged women can wear them almost anytime.Among them, the gray acetic acid 9-minute pants match the color of daily bright, natural pendant pants, not only can outline the legs of middle-aged women, but also completely do not worry about showing fat, middle-aged women look straight and slender.