The last fall

2022-07-31 0 By

Yesterday said to be careful to turn more empty, this morning cash, why have such a judgment?Because yesterday heat so high market, volume is not obvious, and the subject is in a state of substantial killing, high some of the leading is directly killed by bears stop, all signs of judgment, today is bound to attract differentiation;But in the afternoon, there was a reversal, although the index fell sharply, but there was not much panic, which shows that the space for killing is limited, and the gem fell hundreds of points, the market only more than 2000 stocks fell, this is bound to be abnormal;Although the gem fell very much today, but the subject matter is not how to fall, from the yellow and white line can be seen, the trend of small stocks today is not bad, and with the recovery of the afternoon index, the two cities fell stocks is less than a thousand;At the end of a variety of signs, dare not say, but this may be the last drop this week, today such a big drop did not form a panic stampede, then how to fall, the market will panic?On the plate, the theme is the most active digital economy, almost these two days as long as I write the final plate I will emphasize that the digital economy this piece of policy release will be more and more intensive, as long as a search everywhere;Today cuiwei shares, Hengbao shares and other main board leader continue to limit, and gem advanced number, xiongdi technology, Shensi electronics and so on today is also up, these two days I also prompt you, if tomorrow continues to break out, no car attention to the digital political!Belt and Road yesterday more than 20 trading, today directly shrank by a third, the back row is relatively general, the plate volume is too large, hype up the space is limited, play do not understand or wait-and-see;Energy, the former is gas at present, the second is the wind, the logic of natural gas after dig feel or more positive, chengdu gas, bacon, chongqing gas energy harden, changchun gas, new green energy, guizhou gas such as following, can look, the wind side note: daikin heavy industry, wo hope electrical, MingYang intelligence, etc.;Other plate strength is general, theme strength, digital economy > big infrastructure > natural gas wind power > chemical industry, the latter three partial institutions, go trend, the first is belongs to the theme of speculation, grasp their own, hit the board customers these two days can gradually try and error, feel a big bibcock to come out;