The first Chinese oil painting Collection status and Conservation Seminar opened an online dialogue

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Supported by The Chinese Oil Painting Society, sponsored by Fengxian District Museum, organized by Art Culture and Bello Restoration, “The first Chinese Oil painting Collection status and conservation Seminar” was held online on March 25.Seminars around the collection status and protection of Chinese oil painting “theme, invite 16 protection and restoration of museums, art galleries, oil painting at home and abroad experts, artists, collectors, present situation and the collection of oil painting collection protect USES open communication, more than 200 in the industry and fans through online forum, museum headlines live webcast, attract more people to watch.In China, oil painting has become an important part of the country’s cultural heritage, with unique and significant cultural, historical and artistic value.Oil painting art creation continues to develop, oil painting art collection continues to flourish, oil painting collection in more than 200 state-owned museums, art galleries and related art institutions, private collections have formed a considerable scale.Given to discuss the protection and restoration of oil painting collection as a whole, preservation conditions and technical aspects of academic exchange activities does not see more, the seminar on promoting academic exchanges, promote exchange and cooperation with the social cultural relic, promote academic research and industrial development model integration and bold innovation, to understand oil painting collection and protection status in China provides a rare real samples,For the modernization, internationalization, science and technology and interdisciplinary development of cultural relic protection.Guests to communicate online workshop set up four major parts, respectively from the collection status, talents cultivation, scientific protection, scientific testing and other aspects discussion, guests or based on the study of the theory of the solid, or summarize the line working practice for many years, for the public to present a set of both sense and vivid painting collection system.Fengxian District Museum also curated an exhibition “Restoration Diary – The Rebirth of an oil painting”, as the special agenda of this seminar, the audience can immerse in the daily work and thinking of oil painting restorers.Through the exhibition, the latest practice and concept of oil painting collection protection and utilization at home and abroad will be displayed from the restoration process of an oil painting.The seminar form 14 papers, nearly 80000 words, around the oil painting collection status, preservation conditions, protection and restoration of typical diseases, requirements, protection repair technology etc, to a certain extent, reflect the current situation of oil painting collection in our country and the degree of protection, the proceedings will be published, and published in fengxian museum’s official website.At the seminar, the “Art detection and Analysis Technology Manual” published by Tsinghua Press was also released, which is a practical reference book compiled by 50 kinds of detection and analysis technology methods of cultural relics and art works commonly used internationally.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai