Ten billion yuan of capital leverage ten billion yuan of investment

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Guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter Jiang Tingting as guizhou Nanshanpo Group Co., LTD. “14th five-year” development plan of the highlight, a few days ago, nanshanpo ecological characteristic food industrial Park project has begun to carry out factory infrastructure construction.”The total investment of the project needs 500 million yuan, and the bottleneck of capital shortage in the early stage once bothered the enterprise very much.”Hu Shunting, assistant chairman of nanshanpo Group, told reporters that at the critical moment, after obtaining 100 million yuan of financial support from guizhou new industrialization Development Fund, plus 100 million yuan of funds raised by the enterprise, the project finally started smoothly.In 2021, 7 billion yuan of financial funds were allocated to set up new industrialization development fund, an industrial financing guarantee company with a total scale of 2 billion yuan, a credit link for small and medium-sized enterprises with a total scale of 1.7 billion yuan, and Guizhou Industrial Investment and Development Co., LTD. Guizhou made bold innovations in the use of financial funds and coordinated various means of investment and financing.Adopt rigid capital input + elastic superposition of funds and other ways to ease the pressure of financing difficulties for industrial enterprises in the province.Data show that since 2021, under the driving force of this financing mix, banks and social capital have been leveraged to support the development of industrial enterprises by nearly 100 billion yuan, driving the industrial investment in the province to increase by 19.7%.The No. 2 document of the New China Development Commission clearly stated that we should strengthen overall planning of fiscal resources, actively put all types of capital and assets to good use, and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy.Guizhou’s industrial enterprises usher in new opportunities for development.”The new industrialization development fund belongs to equity investment and has a stipulated exit mechanism. Compared with other financing channels, the cost of the fund has been reduced by about 50 percent.The fund has a longer life, which lightens the burden on companies.Hu Shunting told reporters that the fund has a guiding role, on behalf of the provincial level recognition of the project, can leverage other financial institutions to follow.Following the fund support, the Project of Nanshanpo Ecological characteristic Food Industrial Park has obtained a bank supporting loan of 300 million yuan, which effectively solves the problem that the production capacity of enterprises can not keep up with the market demand.Like Nanshan Po Group, there are many enterprises that get linkage of investment and loan.Under the double support of the new industrialization development fund and bank loan, Zhongwei New Material Co., Ltd. has carried out technical transformation and expansion of several projects and further strengthened its competitiveness.After applying for the new industrialization development fund, Poly Xinlian Blasting Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has also improved its credit line in financial institutions and enjoyed more diversified financing channels and varieties, so as to promote the enterprise to strengthen its technology and accelerate its industrial layout in the country.”The establishment of guizhou New Industrialization Development Fund aims to give play to the ‘baton’ of government financial funds around the development blueprint of Guizhou’s industrial industry, vigorously promote the new industrialization, and help the high-end, green and intensive development of Guizhou’s industrial industry.””Said Wang Jiaqiang, deputy director of guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.According to statistics, in 2021, the New industrialization Development Fund of Guizhou will invest a total of 7 billion yuan to support the construction of 41 projects through direct project investment and special fund investment, and it is expected to leverage 24.249 billion yuan of investment from banks and social capital, with a leverage ratio of 3.5 times.Driven by the investment of funds, the loans supported by the new industrialization of Guizhou Branch of INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China increased by 4.57 billion yuan, 13% higher than last year. The new industrialization had 1,105 loans, an increase of 330 compared with the beginning of the year, an increase of 42.6%.In 2021, agricultural Bank of China Guizhou Branch invested 2.4 billion yuan more in industrial loans than the previous year, with a growth rate of 22%.To promote direct financing, optimize the financing structure and relieve the financing difficulties of industrial enterprises, guizhou Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd. has a clear goal: to target the development difficulties and blocking points of guizhou’s key support areas and leading enterprises in the industry, and to focus on ten industrial industries, especially strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials.”Combined with the distribution characteristics of industrial industry in our province, focus on modern energy, modern chemical industry, basic materials, big data and other fields to carry out value investment.”Zheng Xinglin, deputy general manager of Guizhou Industrial Investment and Development Co., LTD., told reporters that through equity and debt investment, it has guided and promoted the construction of a number of major projects such as Guizhou Shengwei Fuquan Chemical Co., LTD., Guizhou Beitong Technology Co., LTD., Guizhou Dalong Huicheng New Material Co., LTD., and Guisheng Group.In 2021 alone, THE INDUSTRIAL investment corporation will launch 56 projects with a total amount of 4.427 billion yuan.It is worth mentioning that Guizhou Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd. invested a total of 80 million yuan in Guizhou Shengwei Fuquan Chemical Co., Ltd. in four rounds, leading a number of banks to invest 500 million yuan successively, and the abundant capital injected strong impetus to the development of the enterprise.At present, guizhou Shengwei Fuquan Chemical Co., LTD. Phase II project is under construction, after the completion of the project will become the world’s largest anatase titanium dioxide production plant.In addition, as the entrusted management institution of the Credit link for small and medium-sized enterprises in Guizhou Province, Guizhou Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd. has discussed and revised the management methods and cooperation agreements with 11 cooperative financial institutions for many times, gradually established the financing risk compensation mechanism for small and medium-sized enterprises, and effectively shared the credit risks of financial institutions.At present, the management measures have been implemented, the establishment of sme credit link funds have all been in place, the list of sme credit link project database is also being updated.”Set up small and medium-sized enterprise loan risk compensation with government funds, help small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain financial institutions credit support financing mode, guide cooperative financial institutions to reduce the financing threshold, increase the financing amount, broaden the financing channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce financing costs.”Zheng xinglin said.Under the guidance of the sme credit link, it is estimated that the total amount of loans to smes in the whole province will increase by 18.3 billion yuan in 2022 according to the 20% increase in loans to smes.Improving organizational system and increasing financial supply “Industrial funds usually have clear investment requirements. In the process of investment project selection, in addition to financial return, they pay more attention to the promotion of investment to local industry and the strategic significance to local economic development.In the post-investment management process, due to the deep connection between the industrial fund and the local government, the industrial fund can provide more resources to the bidder, and has the incentive to provide additional capabilities for the fund to ensure the realization of the industry guidance function.”Guizhou university of finance and economics professor Wang Zuogong believes that it is based on the positioning and strategic significance, new industrialization development fund to the market release positive policy signal, to help boost the confidence of the enterprise, can reduce enterprise to high-end technology, products, market encountered in the process of financing difficult problem, which can effectively make up for the short board of industrial chain and the insufficiency,Open up the whole industrial chain and supply chain, and promote the capacity of the whole industry.According to statistics, as the new industrialization development fund has invested 450 million yuan to support co., LTD. Guizhou aerospace intelligent manufacturing industry cluster for basic intelligent manufacturing industry cluster of project construction, investment 300 million yuan to support national electricity investment group guizhou jinyuan weining energy co., LTD. Millions of photovoltaic base project, promoted the 11 pv projects in our province layout,Effectively promoted the province’s energy structure adjustment.Driven by this, the proportion of guizhou’s industrial investment in fixed asset investment will increase to 22.2% in 2021, 4.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year.Since 2017, the proportion of industrial investment in fixed asset investment in the province has recovered to more than 20% for the first time.”Although some achievements have been made in the development of industrial funds, Compared with developed regions, Guizhou still needs to make continuous efforts.”On how to take effective measures to release the role of fund investment, Wang Zuogong said, first of all, we should support high-level fund investment talents from the aspects of residency, education, taxation and so on, to attract more and more high-quality talents to develop in Guizhou, which is the core element to accelerate the development of our province’s fund industry.Secondly, it is necessary to increase government financial support for industrial funds, encourage provincial and urban financial institutions at all levels to invest in industrial funds, support fund development in accordance with market rules, and guide more state-owned enterprises and financial institutions to actively cooperate with industrial fund management institutions in the province.At the same time, we will promote the establishment of a regular linkage mechanism between local governments and industrial funds.