No. 10 Yao sister valentine’s Day resources online, big trick special effects beauty cry, open black section skin degradation, armored cry

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Valentine’s Day is only a week away, valentine’s Day limited skin is about to hit the shelves.In accordance with the past convention, valentine’s Day limited skin will generally be in the 10th or so, so before this Friday, Yao and Yunzhongjun’s Valentine’s Day limited skin is estimated to be disclosed.And in the recent netizens also broke the suspected yao this Valentine’s Day limited skin special effects, it is said that this skin special effects is Q version of the big trick.Then on Valentine’s Day, there may be a skin encore, the skin is Zhuge Liang’s Wuling Xianjun, the reason for the encore is said to be related to the glory collection.Finally is the news of the shard mall, it is said that this year the new skin shard mall shelves is the dawn guardian of armor, what is going on, let’s look at it together.Last year Mulan and Lanling king’s Valentine’s Day limited skin in February 10 ushered in the news, this year would like to be no exception.And now it is February 7, February 10 is Also Thursday, the general King of Glory revealed the new skin is indeed this time, so this year is estimated to be the time to reveal.Before these skins are revealed, there is another in-game change that will be on the air, and that is the change to the meat and wild knives.Meat and wild on the experience server is no longer suitable for ranged heroes, because the revenue is only half, so Irene smite is a thing of the past.Meicry Yao this valentine’s Day limited skin has now gained a lot of attention, many players are looking forward to the specific image of the skin, the skin is also placed high hopes, and even hope that the quality of the skin can exceed the glory of Zhuge Liang skin.The design of this skin has been revealed before, and in the recent skin special effects have also been revealed by players.In yao’s skin design draft, in addition to yao form and deer form two images, there is a Q version of the image, which is not in other skin.So there are players guess this may be the skin of an egg special effects, when yao use big trick, will appear Q version of the image of yao.This year zhuge Liang’s glory Collection skin sales are not very high, so in this case, wuling Xianjun this skin is very likely to return.This skin was optimized last year, and it has not been played back since then. It is reasonable to say that there will be an opportunity to play back, and it is likely to be this Valentine’s Day.Kai Cry kai this hero’s skin is not much, only a 50/50 black section skin, a direct sale legend skin and a limited epic skin.That legendary skin is not very good among players, many players think that the quality of this skin is not high, especially when the mecha can only be opened up, so it is not a qualified mecha skin.And another skin dawn guardian although wind reviews good, good quality.However, it was recently revealed that this skin story will be put on shard, and if it is put on Shard, then the skin will be greatly reduced, and players who buy this skin directly will cry to death.In addition to the above skins, Kai is said to be coming with a new skin. This skin is the same as mulan’s youth final season and was also featured in the original poster for the final season, though it is unknown when this skin will be released.Kerr said yao mei valentine’s Day limited skin attention than five years of skin may be high, after all, is the first auxiliary hero of the legend of the skin, but also yao this popular hero.Net friend break the big recruit has Q version special effects may be true, otherwise the design draft will not appear Q version image, so this is also a bright spot of this skin, is not know the cloud jun’s skin has Q version image, think it should also have.The first 55/50 black section skin has been online in the shard mall last year, so it seems that after the estimated 55/50 black section skin will be put on the shard mall.