Jiangsu Winter Olympics athlete Guo Dan: age is not a problem, but also to hangzhou Asian Games than roller skating

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“Even if I can stand in the Winter Olympics, I have already won.”From roller skating to speed skating, training in two sports, to the age of 32.Guo Dan, the only jiangsu athlete at the Beijing Winter Olympics, made the impossible possible.Although guo ranked 13th in the women’s team start final, which ended on Feb 19, guo enjoyed the process of the competition and brought more thinking and role models to the young people.Although 13th place was not as good as his 10th place in Pyeongchang four years ago, it was a win in a different sense for Guo. “It was very difficult for me,” he said. “I care about the process very much.Guo Dan firmly believes that if you work hard enough, you can make the impossible possible.In 2015, Guo Dan became the first roller skater in China after winning three grand Slams in roller skating, namely the World Championships, the World Cup and the World Games. He then switched from roller skating to speed skating and became the first “roller skating athlete” in China.This was surprising to many at the time, as Guo was already 25 years old at the time.Surprisingly, after less than two years of training, Guo won the national speed skating championship and was selected to the national speed skating team in 2016.She also won a silver medal in the 2017-2018 World Cup in the United States to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.”There are a lot of differences between the two sports. Roller skating is to increase friction to create speed, while speed skating is to reduce friction. And the equipment is very different.When guo talks about “rotating ice”, she always says it is difficult, but even so, she makes the impossible possible.Human resource is more than a roller skating and speed skating, also for a bicycle exercise training, she said, it will be the “crossover”, is for athletes to develop more thinking: “is not only the young athletes, for young people, too, everyone can make their own careers, their own maximize the performance of the athlete’s career.”In the past four years, Guo Dan hasn’t had a day off training to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics.During a transfer in Germany at the end of 2019, Guo suffered a broken left ankle and ruptured ligaments, and thick plates were inserted in both feet. The doctor in charge told her: “You should never think about your competition again.”Guo Dan (third from left) during the competition.But just three months after his surgery, Guo Dan was back on the training field with unimaginable willpower.To the doctor in charge, it was nothing short of a miracle. “I have never seen an athlete with such a serious injury return to training so quickly and still reach such a high level.””You want to come back and prove that you have a great love for the game and the sport, and with that love, in my opinion, nothing is too difficult.”With this belief, Guo Dan once again qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Guo Dan is already 32 years old, the oldest female player in the national team. The decline of physical ability brought by age is irreversible for 32-year-old female players, but age is also another kind of wealth for Guo Dan.”I want to be a good leader when I’m older. I want to use my sportsmanship to influence young people so that they can see their big sister still here when they feel very hard and tired.”After her trip to Beijing, Guo Dan decided to take a short break, but her career will not stop: “Age is not an issue. I can skate until I’m 55 and retire.”So what’s next?”I hope you can see me at the Hangzhou Asian Games,” guo said. “I can stand as a roller skater.”Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Huang Qiyuan Beijing report proofread Sheng Yuanyuan