Inner ring core improvement real estate, double metro intersection down payment of about 1.21 million!

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Leju real estate evaluation series, from professional evaluation division on-site survey.Senior evaluation division will select the hot market, into the project in-depth survey, see the project, the appreciation of the housing type, field visits to the surrounding environment, from a professional point of view to the majority of users to bring the latest and most comprehensive real estate site information, restore the project real living experience.This real estate evaluation project – long insurance Lihankou seal: with the construction surface of about 108 flat, down payment of about 1.21 million, suitable for hankou two improvement or the lot of higher requirements of the buyers.Double subway interchange + self-drive convenience project is the subway entrance project of the double subway transfer station. There are jiefang Avenue, Jianshe Avenue, river crossing tunnel, etc., which is convenient for self-drive and accessible in all directions.There are many commercial facilities such as Wuhan Tiandi and Wuguang, first-class hospitals such as Tongji University and Union Medical College, as well as many high quality schools such as Wuhan No. 6 High School and Wuhan No. 2 High School.Poly Real Estate & AMP;Long investment group strong joint development, strong strength, planning quality is good, gardens, public areas and other high quality.The average price of the price analysis project is 3.75W/ ping, which belongs to the normal price in the region. At present, there is basically no new plate for sale in Macao Road plate in Jiangan District, only one new plate in Zhonghai Huanyu Fang, with an average price of 3.8W/ ping, with little difference. The average price of surrounding second-hand houses, such as Rongke Tiancheng and Zhonghai Macau Garden, is about 3.1W-3.6W/ ping.Therefore, the price of the project and the surrounding second-hand housing gap is not very big, cost-effective.The project is located in the core area of Hankou, and enjoys the high quality resources of Wuhan inner ring within the area. Jiangan District also has a lot of educational resources, and the school district has obvious advantages. In addition, the mature and rich supporting facilities and the central enterprise brands of Poly and Changtou in the surrounding area, the premium promotion space will be quite large in the future.The planned project covers an area of about 19,000 square meters, with a gross floor area of about 180,000 square meters, including 75,000 square meters of commercial residential area, 4,000 square meters of public rental area, 69,000 square meters of office area, 30,000 square meters of concentrated commercial area, a plot ratio of about 9.4 square meters, and a green land rate of about 24.5%.A total of 576 commercial houses, residential parking ratio of 684, parking ratio of 1:1.18, the average building area of about 130 square meters.In terms of landscape planning, the residential part of Lihankouyin changinsurance adopts enclosed layout, which can maximize the landscape effect and landscape vision. The four theme functional areas of mountain view, reception, elegance and meditation in the internal garden planning are connected with the urban park at the gate of the community, and the environment is better.The project has planned the main entrance of the hotel-style community, and set up a temporary reception space in the entrance lobby. Inside the community, there is a central Riverside club of about 660 square meters, sunshine lawn and Listening Spring Art Corridor of about 300 square meters, as well as a fitness venue and a children’s playground. The design is comprehensive.The overhead floor of the residential building of the project also sets up a courtyard space to enter the house, planning leisure seating, and increasing the leisure activity space of the community.It is located in the middle of Building no. 1. It is designed to face south. It is square in shape, with high space utilization rate and no wasted area.This kind of house is more private than the middle house in the corridor. It is a very rare small house in the core of Wuhan inner ring, and it is the entry level product for entering Wuhan inner ring.A family building surface about 140 ping Three room two hall two who this door is located in the edge of the 1st floor door, north-south all-transparent design, two bay is facing south and three daylighting, south to design connection big living room and master bedroom balcony, and model high space utilization, no waste area, the master bedroom with separate bathroom, comfortable three room is currently on the market is the mainstream.Transportation projects out of the village is the metro line 1 and line 7 transfer station three Yang road station, three Yang road station east station to the rarest four-storey japan-style station can take metro line 8, the west station to wisdom road station can transfer to metro line 6, two west station to XunLiMen station can transfer to metro line 2, north two Station Road station to Hong Kong can transfer to metro line 3 and line 6.At the entrance of the project is the Subway station of Miaoli Road, Macau Road (but there are not many buses at this station). Walking about 400 meters to the west, there are many bus stops at The Field Street of Jiefang Avenue, with more than 10 bus lines, including No. 60, 508, 524, 532 and 534.Long insurance litianhui gate out of the community can be on Macao road after driving into the main road liberation avenue, the distance from the river tunnel linear distance of more than 1 kilometers, the distance from the bridge linear distance of more than 2 kilometers, the distance from the bridge linear distance of more than 5 kilometers, the distance from the two ring linear distance of more than 3 kilometers, the distance from the riverside avenue about 1 kilometer.It is still very convenient to drive in Hankou to wuchang and Hanyang, but there will be a lot of core areas in Hankou, especially the liberation Avenue at the gate is a famous blocking point, and hankou inner ring one-way road is very many, many roads are very narrow, for driving experience is not very friendly.There are yucai Primary School, Yucai Second Primary School and Yucai High School within 3 kilometers of the surrounding supporting projects, and there are Macau Road Primary School, Experimental Primary School, Wuhan No.6 Middle School and Wuhan No.6 Middle School within 1 kilometer of the project. The educational resources are rich and the quality is very good.It is worth mentioning that the project is not far from the surrounding schools and within walking distance, which is very convenient for children to go to school.The project is also surrounded by rich and high-quality medical resources. The nearest hospital is Wuhan No. 6 Hospital about 600 meters away, and there are chang Hang General Hospital and Wuhan Children’s Hospital within a radius of about 1 kilometer.It is about 2-3 kilometers away from tongji University and Union Hospital, which are well known in Wuhan. It is also very convenient to drive by yourself.Changxiang Lihankou Yin has its own business plan of about 30,000 square meters, and there are mature community bottom businesses around it, which can meet the basic living needs. It is about 1.2 kilometers away from Wuhan Tiandi, and only 1 subway station can be direct. Starting from the project, 2 subway stations can be direct to Jianghan Road, 4 subway stations can be direct to Wuguang, K11 and other core business areas.At the gate of the project is a pocket park of about 2000 square meters. The project is not far from Jiefang Park and Hankou Jiangtan Park, which are popular places for Wuhan people to clock in for leisure.The project is about 600 meters away from Jiefang Park and about 1 kilometer away from Hankou River Beach and Baodao Park, which are within walking distance.Article source: Leju buy a house