Half of the race: The Chinese delegation created history in many events, and the competition and spirit gold MEDALS shone together

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Wednesday marks the halfway point of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Chinese delegation has so far won 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze MEDALS, making breakthroughs in the history of winter Olympics participation in many events.The Chinese athletes showed their respect for their opponents and their spirit of surpassing themselves in the competition, which illustrated the Olympic spirit and won the respect of the world for China.On the first competition day after the opening ceremony, China’s short-track speed skating team won the first gold medal for the Chinese team.China won the gold medal in the mixed team relay on Sunday.Two days later, Ren Ziwei added another gold medal by winning the men’s 1,000m.In the second half of the race, the short-track team also has events such as the men’s 500-meter relay and the men’s 5,000-meter relay.”Genius girl” GuAiLing was gold expectation before the game, but who also have never thought that she would, in his first entries and their relatively weak in the freestyle skiing women’s big platform reverse took gold, for the Chinese delegation win the first gold medal for the Beijing winter snow projects, it is also the Chinese women’s snow winter Olympics history first gold of the project.There are both regrets and feelings in freestyle skiing aerials, another Chinese advantage.Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu, three veterans of the “four Dynasties” of the Winter Olympics, won a mixed team silver medal for China.Veteran Jia Zongyang shed tears after a mistake on the court.Although the team gold failure, but the three still have personal projects worth looking forward to.In halfpipe snowboarding, where she had a chance to win a medal, Liu Jiayu, the pyeongchang silver medalist in her fourth Winter Olympics, finished eighth. “I love skiing,” she said. “I will stay with snowboarding until I grow old.”In the first half of this Winter Olympics, China’s ice and snow has set a new “first” or “best” in the history of the games in a number of events.Especially in the snow sports, which were a little weak in the past, as well as ice hockey, skeleton bobsled, luge and other sports, China has shown gratifying progress.Yan Wengang won the bronze medal in men’s skeleton bobsled on Sunday night, the first time a Chinese athlete has made the podium in this event at a Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that The Chinese athletes only participated in the steel frame bobsled competition for the first time in the 2018 Winter Olympics. They won the MEDALS in two competitions, demonstrating the speed of China.In mogul-based alpine skiing, Chinese skater Xu Mingfu took part in the most difficult downhill event for the first time.After the race, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach gave the 24-year-old a signed watch to show his encouragement to him and China’s moguls.In addition, in the shougang ski big jump, 17-year-old He Jinbo completed the most difficult movement;At the National Bobsled Center, 21-year-old Wang Peixuan made her Winter Olympics debut as a Chinese female bobsledder.In the Zhangjiakou area of genting Ski Park, 19 years old young young zhang Ge represented China’s first women’s snowboard slopestyle competition……China is competing in 35 sports for the first time at the Winter Olympics, and many niche sports, though still not strong enough to win MEDALS, have taken a significant step forward.Another snowboarding teenager, Su Yiming, also made history.He won a silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle, becoming China’s first men’s snowboard medalist at the Winter Olympics.Although appeared after the game the referee grade dispute, netizens expressed both at home and abroad “Su Yi wong points is low”, but Su Yi coach published an open letter, representation and joeyz and referees long pass phone, kindly opinion termination criticized referee, and said: “the culture of skiing is everyone together to create, active in the community are a family.People make mistakes sometimes, that’s all.”The Olympic spirit shines both on and off the track. Coach Su’s open letter shows the inclusiveness of the “snow circle” culture, which is in line with the Olympic motto of “greater unity”.In the first half of the Winter Olympics, the confidence, friendliness, tolerance and self-challenge shown by Chinese athletes on and off the track won Respect for China and added luster to the Olympic cause.The “reciprocity of courtesy” between the Chinese and American curling mixed doubles teams has become a new beauty talk of sports friendship.After the two teams played, the Chinese team presented the “Bing Dwen Dwen” Olympic commemorative badges to the American team, and the American team “reciprocated” the MEDALS.Athletes from both countries have added a new note to the unifying power of the Olympic movement by using sport to connect people.”Sport must be used to unite people, not divide us.”China’s Gu Ailing said after winning the platform.When she and runner-up Mathilde Gremer wiped away the tears of runner-up Tess Luder, it was a beautiful moment of empathy among the three young athletes.Gu’s decision to turn 180 degrees in the last jump, ignoring her mother’s words, also shows that the Stage of the Olympic Games not only strives for gold and silver, but also represents the deep value of human challenge to the limit.Zhang Yangming of China failed to finish the most dangerous downhill race in alpine skiing because he took a faster but more dangerous path: “As long as I have the courage to surpass myself, that’s victory for me.”In the women’s ice hockey arena, China, ranked 20th in the world, equalized in the last minute and won the penalty shoot-out against Japan, showing the spirit of a Chinese girl.Chinese snowboarder Gao Hongbo suffered a broken ankle in the men’s halfpipe qualifying competition, but insisted on playing to avoid missing the Winter Olympics on his home soil.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes interpreted the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” and showed the spirit of Chinese youth in the new era to the world.Today, As China is increasingly approaching the center of the world stage, Chinese athletes are also living business cards to show China today.(Source: Xinhua News Agency) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.