Guilin Lipu has won the national advanced award

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Rural Development Administration issued a notice to commend 98 advanced counties in 2021 for their effective measures, outstanding results and public satisfaction.Among them, there are four guangxi, namely, Guilin Lipu, Qinzhou Pubei county, Liuzhou Liucheng County, Hechi Nandan County.Liantang Village, Li Town, Lipu City has taken on a new look after the village cleaning campaign.Source: Guangxi Yun▲ Liucheng county 古砦乡 Yunfeng Village sell village “three two, no power, low cost” black ash sewage treatment facilities.Photo source:Guangxi Cloud “notice” mentioned that in December 2018, the Office of the Central Leading Group for Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other 18 departments jointly issued the “Rural Living environment remediation village clean Action Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the action Plan), focusing on mobilizing farmers to carry out the “three qing reform”,That is to clean up the rural household garbage, clean up the village pond ditch, clean up livestock and poultry breeding manure and other agricultural production waste, change the bad habits affecting the rural living environment, focus on solving the problem of dirty and messy village environment.Over the past three years and more, local governments have taken effective measures and made rapid progress in organizing the work. As a result, the long-standing situation of dirty, untidy and poor rural areas has been reversed, and the vast majority of villages have basically become clean, tidy and orderly.Jimeilu Village, Qinghu Village Committee, Beitong Town, Pubei County, has become a well-known “Internet celebrity village” after its cleaning operation.Source: Guangxi Yun▲ Nandan County che he town corner.According to the action Plan, hechi Municipal People’s Government Office will award the national Advanced county title of village cleaning action every year to several advanced counties with effective measures, outstanding results and public satisfaction.Previously, seven places in Guangxi have been awarded the title.Xing ‘an County of Guilin city, Mengshan County of Wuzhou City and Dongxing City of Fangchenggang City were awarded “2019 Advanced County of National Village Cleaning Action”.Mashan County of Nanning city, Luzhai County of Liuzhou City, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County of Guilin City, and Beiliu City of Yulin City were awarded the “Advanced Counties of 2020 National Village Cleaning Action”.Source: Guangxi cloud client produced by New media Operation Department of Guilin Daily