Do you really believe in the Porto legend?But we all make mistakes!

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Good morning happy New Year, I am old is accurate or not is the difference between rice and rice crust, matinee a-league already by the way, today a lot of old morning again pick two game analysis, coming with plate and the score for your reference, aspects may end up facing the plate according to the change of water level and the team the latest news and alteration, the first entertainment, entertainment first.Friday 003 Bundesliga:Leipzig VS cologne in leipzig, the home team are outstanding in the bundesliga, the last two seasons have champions league qualification and beating Manchester city at that time the scenery infinite, in the champions league is the bundesliga runners-up last season, this season as coach nagel to exit, two big main force guard into bayern, Liverpool, lonely in the league for a long time,After spending a lot of money on transfers and bringing in a number of players, the increased synergy in recent games has produced a positive reaction (all in all, money well spent!)., the league after 3 consecutive wins by Bayern 3-2 end, to Bayern’s pressure is not small, the recent defensive quality is more and more improved, firepower output is also to force, 4 rounds of league into 10 lost 4, a word cow!Visiting cologne is the dark horse of this season, it is should be the old adage “best young poor” the existence of the crane end last season, this season to the competitiveness of 6 ChengChengCheng going up, the team is not good, is bayern eldest brother 4-0 consult concerned only with bochum after each step back, on a 1-0 lead in the first half freiburg in the second half strike do nothing,Team shortcomings are obvious, we should all know that Cologne can not take advantage of the strong brigade in the contest will not take the initiative to attack more is defensive (the front line is not to attack can not help, no other people have money ah), passive on the field is the team normal, although against the home team has three rounds of unbeaten, but the configuration is a little low.Score: 1-0 2-0 half time: win, draw Friday 006 Portuguese: Porto VS Sporting Lisbon Home team Porto are top of the Portuguese league How good are they?They haven’t lost 49 league games since November 20, that’s right, so are they safe?Lisbon, of course not, first of all, still can catch up with six points, the game is very important to them, but there is a hidden trouble, is the winter transfer window window lost lewis, coronado and oliveira all the main players, although in the league after or walk the line, but did not pass and benfica Lisbon “test”,And the team conceded two goals for the first time this year in early January, although the agency’s support is higher than Lisbon’s but take it with a grain of salt.The visitors Lisbon are also legends in the Portuguese league, having been first beaten by Santa Clara last month. The gold medal was a little cold when I saw the match, losing 2-1 to Braga. I can understand that losing to Santa Clara is hard to accept, but having beaten Benfica 2-1 in 78 minutes in the last round of the Portuguese Cup final,Team morale at the same time, let me see the Lisbon for the determination of the game, now is the team defense quality Portuguese first off the ball less than those in Porto, and compared with Porto winter window lost star, not to have the too big waves, power did not change that is good news, the two teams 21 years league draws to the end, the two field strength strong confrontationCan you deal a blow to a weak Porto?Suggestions direction: Let the negative score: 0-1 1-1 half court: even, negative evenOld morning has been seriously analysis for everyone, but the football field changing ever-victorious generals, is not the main melody of the arena, yesterday I’m sorry although I have nothing to do with your red and black, but old in the morning in the mind is also guilty, if you have any help or ideas as the article for you, bother thumb up forward, be obliged!