Did the split lady get screwed by the lotus girl?Grand master encumbered by his wife?Zhang Zifeng was cheated by Yanxu Jia?

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Did the split Star get screwed?Split Star has been having a lot of trouble with the studio lately.Some time ago Lotus gave the Split star a movie resource, she did it, to promote new people.Lotus was also involved in the financing of the film, and in order to generate buzz and heat for the film, she cast The Split actress in the film.She claimed that she would cast The Split actress as the leading lady of the movie, but in fact she arranged for the Split actress to play the role of female number two, and the real leading lady was played by the school bully Flower.The Split star didn’t know what Lotus was up to. She thought she had a good source, so she signed on with the studio.It wasn’t long before Split found out that the studio had changed the script. When she got the new script, she realized she had been cheated by Lotus.Splitting star didn’t want to be left out, so she went to the studio and asked to be released, and splitting star paid a hefty penalty to get out.Grand master encumbered by his wife?As the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was so impressive, so because Liu Haocun’s critics of the national teacher began to laugh at the national teacher, all kinds of express that they owe him a movie ticket, to go to the theater to support his unpopular film.But due to a net friend just talk the talk, didn’t really go to implement it, so the buddhist’s wife also jump out to add drama to buddhist, hope after a sell badly, can put the net friend kidnapping go to the cinema, so many years as a housewife buddhist wife started a whiner body, some way of adding elaboration buddhist of hard exaggeration,But it did not get the desired effect, operation instead provoked the net friend is very unhappy, so is the wave of selling miserable crying after marketing, the problems about the private lives of the buddhist is to enlarge fermentation, and buddhist until the children, now has been crying not easy wife also by netizens on bottom, outside various scold her by dishonor means superior goblins.Therefore, the national teacher’s wife this time really is to steal the chicken can not erode the rice ah!Buddhist wife this is showing this pair of nasty shout shout of eat, nor is it merely think more Shouting Shouting for the husband of the film, but because her son is now going into the circle, in order to avoid the buddhist is more valued his ex-wife’s daughter, she sells 120 points of good, of course, is to let oneself carry more weight in the presence of buddhist, only to be still want to look at their own weight,Since she’s good at having babies, let’s not get involved in marketing.Zhang Zifeng was cheated by Yanxu Jia?Today yanjia was revealed to be with a girl, originally flower brother is too lazy to write about his that thing, after all, he broke up last year to know the separation (last year anonymously also mentioned ha), so it is not surprising to him to continue dating.But in the notice, we did not read the wrong flower elder brother is also informed, was another circle of friends notice when zhang Zifeng was pulled in, at that time with a question mark to describe very in line with (melon friends, don’t ask why flower elder brother also don’t know, even if someone said before flower elder brother also don’t want to know!Would rather shield ears!This is true is not understand).When informed to take a closer look at the elder brother yanxu with girls to live with the content of the night, by the way, why is Zhang Zifeng’s details also make up lessons, the phone shell with the same style, the same walking style and so on details (they are classmates should have known a lot of people)!In addition, don’t now also tangled is not really together, to remember that “the more unexpected fish, the higher the possibility” this sentence, if it is false early jump out to clarify, but now the flower elder brother also think impassable at the beginning of that worried daughter puppy love mother where.Up to now, brother hua still remember yanxu jia staff also complained that the media followed too closely their artists did not have a hammer to the media, now in memory of it is really a big ha ha to send (if you can follow more closely, it is estimated that zhang Zifeng and his photos last year, probably in the autumn).Now this situation netizens say that the man is not “brother-in-law”, is “in love”, seeing the public opinion, the man’s individual fans do not rush to resources to the woman’s resources, but also want to ai Te Huang Lei into the variety, what do you think.