Can Messi play like that?Argentina coach: no one is guaranteed to be in the squad except one

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Original/Oxygen is a metro on February 2, Argentina beat Colombia 1-0 in the preliminary round.Messi is absent from this stage of the world preliminary, but has no Dependence on Messi Argentina has qualified for the World Cup, still do not release water, but also not radical, after all, this is also training for the World Cup.Argentina continued their winning streak under carlo Scaroni, one of the best coaches Messi has ever worked with, who is good at defense, tactics and a team locker room.With Martinez at the back, di Maria and Luttaro up front, the Argentinean side will provide a cushion for Messi, and carlo Scaroni at the head coach.Scaroni is too pragmatic to sing messi’s praises so loudly.But he in this game after the opening voice, let the outside world feeling: Messi can blow?Argentina coach Carlo Scaroni is so leave no trace of praise for Messi: except for one person, no one is sure to be in the World Cup squad!Scaroni said: “We could have called up some players from Argentina, but we won’t call up those who have to play.It’s a long way from the World Cup but every player is committed and eager to play.As I keep saying, apart from one person, no one is guaranteed to be in the World Cup squad.Scaroni did not say who the “one” was, but it was clearly Messi.Apart from Messi, no one can afford to be included in the World Cup squad.Messi led Argentina to victory in last year’s Copa America and was the player of the year, top scorer, top goalscorer, best player of the tournament and top of the list in 10 categories.And not just within the Argentine team, but throughout the Copa America.In fact, Messi’s other coach Guardiola also praised Messi in this form.According to the City players, Guardiola used to remind them in the dressing room that, apart from Messi, no one can always start for his team.So it is thought that this may also be the reason why Ronaldo finally gave up joining City, without starting security, he is already a veteran of guardiola’s difficult to trust.That is the value of Messi, the third world champion, the first player in history and the best player in the world, who can transform the tactics of any manager.Scaroni secured Argentina’s lower limit, messi lifted Argentina’s upper limit.Messi is the best captain and when he is absent, he does not look absent.For example, after Argentina beat Chile earlier, the goal of Di Maria said: the goal to the world no. 1 Messi.It’s easier with him around.Messi was absent from the game, but he also watched Argentina play and posted about it on social media.