Belletti: “Oden combination” fits barca’s layout, lopetegui needs Lingard

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“As” reporter revealed that Aubameyang has attended the Barcelona training camp, Dembele has also entered the training ground, “Oden team” will be born in the Nou Camp?Juliano Belletti said the oden combo would fit barca’s plan and could theoretically be a perfect match if the two players kept fit and had a good professional attitude.Belletti believes aubameyang and Dembele are both very fast attacking players and their positions do not overlap.Barcelona need a centre-forward with good footwork and speed, and the club’s layout tends to be more traditional, which is why Belletti favours the oden combo.The England star did not leave Manchester united during the winter break and belletti wants lingard to join Sevilla at the end of the season – something lopetegui wants.Martial has joined Sevilla on loan and belletti says the France star does not fit in with lopetegui’s plans and that lingard is the player the blues need.Belletti feels lingard should leave the club after united sent a number of players away during the winter break, as he doesn’t have much of a chance to play under Rangnick, the German coach, who doesn’t give a chance to anyone who doesn’t fit into his system.Even with Greenwood out of the game, the Kings won’t get much of a chance.Belletti believes lingard has some advantage with his feet and his ability to play in a way that suits others, which is what Lopetegui needs.Sevilla are a typical Spanish side, and while lazio likes to play as a team, players like Lin are useful and belletti expects the two to work together next season.The “Oden combo” was a combination of Aubameyang and Dembele, a pairing that journalists and celebrities envisioned as a result of their presence together at the Camp Nou training ground.Both former Borussia Dortmund stars, Watzke and the neroneri staff admit aubameyang and Dembele are notorious tardlers and have a troubling disciplinary record.Belletti also spoke about the issue, after all, Arsenal management’s dismissal of the Gabon star was mainly a matter of discipline, director Edu and manager mikel Arteta are very serious, they do not allow players to lead the undisciplined, so aubameyang was dropped by the Gunnermen management.Dembele has been embroiled in a series of incidents with the Barcelona management and Joan Laporta has hinted that the “king” has discipline issues and the club needs to unite its players.So Belletti’s premise is that the Oden team should get rid of their foibles.From the point of view of the functional characteristics of the players, the “Oden combination” is relatively similar, fortunately, the two players are not in the same position, Aubameyang is the center, Dembele is suitable for the side, they form a high efficiency.Neymar and Messi were players of the same strength. They were good at connecting and shooting, and their technical advantages were very obvious.Fortunately, the two superstars are in different positions, so the “Menet combination” was very suitable for Barca’s layout.But with both men now playing in Greater Paris, the Menet team will not be able to repeat its former glory.Because players of the same style form an understanding, this situation seems to be unique to Barcelona, other clubs do not have this condition, and the oden combination is the same.Xavi also wants to revive the traditional style of the Nou Camp, which is the main reason why management wanted to sack Moussa Dembele and he asked Joan laporta to keep the France star.Aubameyang also has the finesse and pace to move the ball, so belletti said: “When Arsenal wanted him to leave, I knew he would join the blues.”Although Luc de Jong is effective in the centre forward position, those close to Barca know that the Dutch forward is mostly a transitional choice for the club, with little element of Barcelona in him.So Belletti believes the oden combo fits barca’s plan, and if Xavi gets the chance to have both of them, the nou Camp’s traditional attacking strengths might be on display.In principle, belletti felt the united management should not have given lingard the go-ahead when he wanted to leave.The squad under lopetegui is thin, but Sevilla have had good results this season.Juliano Belletti has revealed that lazio coach lopetegui has no chance of upsetting real Madrid’s dominance, but he believes lopetegui has every chance of finishing second in la Liga this season.The only difference between this club and the top two in La Liga is the thickness of the squad.Lingard may be relegated to the bench under Rangnick, but he is good enough to be the centre of the midfield, as he was at West ham, in jose Mourinho’s squad.I think lopetegui’s tactical philosophy is very similar to Moyes’s.So Belletti broached the subject, lopetegui needed Lingard.