53 flat strip small apartment, slightly retro style, really style

2022-07-31 0 By

Today xiaobian to share is a building area of 53 flat small single apartment case, the owner of the house chose a slightly retro design, on the basis of simple to add some retro elements, through these full design style, to enhance the appearance of small apartment level, and the overall layout is also very spacious.The porch space that enters a door is narrower, used the corridor that leads to a bedroom so rise, hook up on metope is done and dressing mirror, reserved the space of part is embedded inside washing machine wall.The other side of corridor is to do the cabinet that went up embedded, the metope of black bright face collocation white and gray ground, with the classic collocation of black and white gray will build a concise feeling.The space directly facing the entrance door is the booth dining room. The light gray background wall is decorated with a hanging picture. The retro wooden tables and chairs make the dining room look more stylish.Living room and dining room are connected together, from the dining room to extend a row of low cabinets to the living room, the projection is made in the back of the booth, so as to avoid the sofa to the TV distance is too close to the problem.Small sofa rear did not make setting wall, lie between gave recreational area, the short tea table of pink tall tea table collocation black, in adding comfortable gray attuned cloth art sofa, let a person feel very elegant and delicate.This recreational area of sofa backside is very practical, the platform that drive up can let bottom have certain store content space, and the niche of upper part can replace bedside ark again, the guest came in the home can rest here.The kitchen is located in an independent space inside, need not worry the problem of lampblack so, and the ambry layout of one character also made full use of long and narrow kitchen rise, the cupboard door of dark gray appears to have feeling restoring ancient ways more.Advocate lie is having certain design feeling again in contracted, the match color of whole is given priority to with simple but elegant, the design that added many Tibet light in the smallpox below the top, let a person feel very fashionable.And the space of bed end is to do the chest that went up to arrive at the top and left empty one part to serve as a study to use, in contented small family receive while, also convenient house advocate handles a job in the home at ordinary times.