Yu Shuyan, a Peking Opera master, was cautious about his art, and eighteen and a half was considered a gem

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The art of Peking Opera has been inherited for 200 years, during which there have been many famous artists and actors. However, what should be the attitude towards art?I think the attitude of Peking Opera actors towards art should be persistent, that is, to keep improving. There is a good saying, that is, the spirit of “the art is not amazing”.Yu Shuyan is a famous master of Peking Opera and the founder of The Old School of Peking Opera. He is one of the former “Four Xueshen students”, and together with Mei Lanfang and Yang Xiaolou, he is called the “Three great masters” in the Beijing Opera field.Yu Shuyan treats art namely very rigorous, we know he has a famous “18 pieces and a half” record, actor of a lot of old living is not the actor that learns yu school even regard this record as teaching material, be also such now!For example, tong Xiangling, the famous Peking Opera artist, is a teacher of the Yu School, and he is learning from “eighteen and a half” records.And young actors like Wang Peiyu and Mu Yu of the Peking Opera House have all studied with eighteen and a half albums.So why is this record so?That’s because Yu Shuyan was very demanding when he made this record.If the voice is not very good today, this day can not be recorded, when the voice reached their best then can be recorded.In addition, a play is repeatedly considered and determined, which is not only Yu Shuyan alone, but also behind the opera fans, luthiers, drummers and other people to study together, and finally recorded.Therefore, it is precisely because of this rigorous attitude that eighteen and a half discs are highly respected in the pear garden, and even become one of the most standard textbooks!