Warm heart keep | epidemic prevention and control of Shanghai, people’s livelihood security balance!Putuo here many measures to ensure the safety of residents “granary” operation

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At present, Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical stage, and a new round of nucleic acid screening is being carried out in the city.Yichuan road and streets have taken multiple measures to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control for people’s livelihood enterprises, and achieve both epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood protection through “joint governance”.Earlier, yichuan road street mobilization of all forces, successfully helped a fruit shop owner in the closure of the difficulties, fruit shop also to give fruit love to the community, opened a touching “love relay”.This incident triggered yichuan Street to think about how to control the shops along the street during the epidemic.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the streets attach great importance to ensuring residents’ “granaries”, that is, ensuring the operation of restaurants, vegetable farms, fresh supermarkets and other shops along the street related to people’s livelihood, and implementing the management of key places based on the situation of shops in the area.There are 453 shops along the streets of Yichuan Road, 5 community vegetable markets, supermarkets, restaurants, vegetables, fruits, department stores and other kinds of daily necessities are rich and complete, and the elderly population of 100,000 residents is the majority.In order to increase the precision of prevention and control, the street to promote the use of “with the application code · place”.In the street shops, supermarkets, building parks and residential areas, the “code with application · place” was rapidly promoted, and 604 place codes were implemented for the street shops;Urban management officers, market supervision and other administrative law enforcement forces inspected key places, focusing on implementing the measures of “on-site temperature measurement + wearing masks + scanning code inspection”.The street relies on the wechat public account to push and promote the location code, so that more people know and scan the code.For the elderly who do not have mobile phones and do not know how to use the code, shops along the street will implement registration to achieve “track” management.On the basis of strengthening epidemic prevention guidance, the Self-management Committee and the Party branch of the New Era Civilization Practice Block of Zhonghua New Road, Yichuan Road Sub-district issued an initiative to all shops along the street, calling on shops to actively respond to epidemic prevention and control policies to ensure both epidemic prevention and supply.Nucleic acid tests will be carried out regularly in certain service places and industries, such as farmers’ markets and express delivery services, and spot checks will be carried out on streets.At the same time, the street urged shops to implement timeshare elimination measures in a timely manner to reduce the gathering of people, requiring shop operators to do a good job in personal protection, standardize the operation of wearing masks and gloves, strengthen the management of the entrance and exit of shops along the street back door, block the spread of the epidemic and ensure the safety of residents.During the epidemic period of Zhonghua New Road New Era Civilization Practice Block, in order to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus through food, the street promoted the classified packaging and combination sales of food.All shops are encouraged to sell the food in whole bags with classified packaging, so as to avoid residents’ picking food by themselves.For some agricultural fruits and vegetables, street platforms are set up so that merchants can supply them in a centralized manner and sell them in combination, thus ensuring safety and giving preferential treatment to residents.Shop orderly operation reporter: Yao Jialin editor: Huang Mei