Tragedy in Hunan province: a villager trapped in a trap with his right foot has died overnight

2022-07-30 0 By

On January 30, 2022, the court of Shaodong City in Hunan province announced the verdict of an unfortunate case: a local man surnamed Lu set a trap near the responsible field.And the villager shu’s right foot was clamped, because no one found, trapped overnight Shu died.Lu was given a suspended sentence for manslaughter.The 40-year-old man is from Wenshan, Yunnan province, and lives in Shaodong, Hunan Province.The responsible land was contracted out.Lu bought a trap and placed it around the responsible soil to catch wild animals because his crops planted on the responsible soil of Jieling Changji Mountain in Shaodong City were eaten by wild animals.To prevent the traps from being dragged away by wild animals, the traps were tied to branches with wire ropes.Roh did not take safe and effective measures or set up warning signs to remind him that villagers often passed by the place where the trap was placed.On the same day, villagers shu’s body was found in lu’s responsibility soil, its right foot was placed by Lu’s trap caught.After identification, Shu mou does not exclude in trauma, activity and temperature and other factors under the influence of their heart, lung and other basic diseases caused by respiratory circulation failure death.Lu took the initiative to the ridge police station to surrender.After the incident, Lu family members on behalf of the victim shu relatives to compensate for 110,800 yuan of economic losses.Relatives of the victims of Roh mou’s behavior expressed understanding, request a lighter punishment and probation.Shao East city court first instance this case thinks, because Lou mou is negligent, cause a person to die, its behavior already constituted fault to cause a person to die a crime.Lu automatic surrender, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, the department of surrender and voluntary admission of punishment, to reduce the punishment.The court sentenced him to two years in prison, suspended for three years.Comment: the right foot was caught in the animal clip, in severe pain and cold endure a night, the dead Shu mou finally did not endure.The tragedy happened because lu, who set the trap, lacked responsibility and respect for life.He was given a suspended sentence.