Russia to “send money”!Farmers in Tajikistan

2022-07-30 0 By

According to the press center of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman Katrin recently held talks with Tajik Ambassador to Russia Gulmach Madzoda.During the talks, Katrin said Russia is likely to import vegetables and fruits from Tajikistan instead of western countries.”The main problem for the development of trade relations between Russia and Tajikistan is still logistics and cargo transport,” he said.We should actively use the new conditions to get more entrepreneurs involved.Catlin suggests creating a video bridge for business representatives to understand how to solve existing problems.Gulmach Madzoda pointed out that there is great potential for bilateral cooperation in agriculture.At the same time, he stressed that the tajik government’s recent policy focus is to develop industry and establish a free trade zone.”As strategic partners, the two countries should study how to further develop their economic relations,” he concluded.In 2021, Russia imported about $72.5 million worth of products, including fruits and vegetables, according to the Tajik Statistics Office.Last year, Russia was the eighth largest importer of Tajik goods, accounting for 3.4% of total exports.Meanwhile, Russia supplied about $1.3 billion worth of goods and products to Tajikistan last year, accounting for about a third of the country’s total imports.Zhou Jie