Lucky for Guangdong!Students are lucky to be “hit” by a new school, which costs 480 million yuan to build

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Nowadays, China’s economy has achieved rapid development, education has become the focus of development across the country, because people have realized that education is the foundation of economic development, the more developed the economy of the city will be more investment in education.Lucky foshan, Guangdong!As an economically strong province in China, Guangdong naturally pays more attention to the development of education. It has brought many educational resources to its residents, and school-age children also enjoy a superior teaching environment.In recent years, guangdong province has been investing more and more in education. Many new schools have appeared in major prefectures, and the affiliated school of Foshan No. 4 Middle School is one of them.The affiliated school of Foshan No.4 Middle School is located on the west side of Huabao Road and north side of Zhongxin Road in Chancheng District. The geographical position is very superior and there are many surrounding communities, so the demand for the school is very large.Therefore, the local government attached great importance to the construction of the school and invested 480 million yuan in the project, and the public were amazed by the government’s lavish spending.The government has earmarked 70 mu of land for the new school, which will have a total floor area of 61,400 square meters when completed.Although the school is not very large, as a nine-year school, the school is trying to add as many degrees as possible.At present, the affiliated School of Foshan No. 4 Middle School is expected to open 48 teaching classes, directly creating 2280 quality degrees for Foshan city.Once completed, the school is expected to expand further, with 60 classes offering 2,820 premium degrees.From the current planning, the main construction contents of the affiliated school of Foshan No. 4 Middle School are teaching building, library, canteen, middle school dormitory, various meeting rooms, large lecture hall, basketball and badminton hall, playground and so on.In addition, there are also science and chemistry laboratory, mathematical inquiry laboratory, science laboratory, comprehensive practice room, multimedia network computer room, language laboratory, music room, dance room, art room and so on.Parents also welcome the arrival of the new school, which not only alleviates the problem of the local degree shortage, but also improves the local educational resources.The affiliated school of Foshan No. 4 Middle School will be officially completed in 2022. Before it is put into use, the school will try its best to recruit excellent teachers in order to improve the teaching level of the new school in a short period of time, so that parents can feel at ease to send their children to study in the new school.In the future, the affiliated school of Foshan No.4 Middle School will also be supported by a large number of educational resources of Foshan city. It is hoped that the new school can make good use of its own advantages and improve its teaching quality, so as to become an influential high quality school and bring a better educational environment for school-age children.What do you think of the new school?Do you know about the affiliated school of Foshan No.4 Middle School?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!04 Past wonderful congratulations shandong!Another new university is coming, perhaps in partnership with Germany, and officials respond congratulations!Hunan spends 1 billion yuan to build a new school that covers an area of 400 mu, but settles in a small town?Netizens proposed to merge the two universities in Zhejiang to enhance the comprehensive strength and build the next Zhejiang University?For more exciting content, come to Ximi Bookshop #2022 Wonderful New Knowledge Treasure Book