It’s official!Stephon Marbury will compete to be the coach of China’s second national basketball Team or leave The North Kong Basketball Team

2022-07-30 0 By

After the North Control men’s basketball team missed the playoffs, Marbury did not choose to return to China, but to stay in Beijing, in addition to the future planning with the North Control men’s basketball team, he has another idea, is to compete for the recruitment of the second team coach.After becoming the head coach of The Beijing Men’s Basketball Team, Marbury publicly expressed his desire to join the Chinese men’s basketball team, although he has no chance to replace Du Feng.However, he has seen the hope of becoming the coach of the second Chinese men’s basketball team. It is understood that he has officially applied for the job, but as the national basketball Association rules that the coach must be full-time, once he succeeds in the bid, he will leave the Team.After Marbury became the coach, it can be said that there are mixed opinions. He led the North Control men’s basketball team to miss the playoffs in two consecutive seasons, which made him encounter huge doubts and even heard the dismissal.However, Marbury has also helped cultivate players such as Liao Sanning, Zhang Fan and Wang Junjie, so some people think that Marbury is more suitable for a special coach, or youth team coach.In early 2020, when China’s U17 and U19 teams practiced at the Team’s base in Beijing, Marbury often watched them practice, offered advice, and communicated with Yao Ming to make it clear that he wanted to join China’s elite basketball team.However, due to external circumstances, China’s men’s basketball echelon at all levels has not been established.After being informed of the recruitment of the coach of the Second National men’s Basketball Team, Marbury decided to apply for the position after evaluation. He believed that he was suitable for the position. Of course, as the Chinese Basketball Association stipulated that the coach of the national team must be full-time, once he succeeded in taking the position, he would leave Beikong Men’s basketball Team!