Is there any good picture text recognition software

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What good picture text recognition software all know that the content on the picture is unable to copy, so if you encounter the need for text on the picture, how should you operate?Is there any way to extract text from pictures?It would take a lot of time to type out all the text on the picture, and it would definitely be a hassle.This article will tell you a quick way to extract the text on the picture, follow the steps below, you can easily identify the text on the picture.Recommended use: Lightning OCR image text recognition software Operation Method: The first step, here to support the following functions, according to the requirements, select “picture recognition”;Step 2, next, click Add File, add pictures in batches, here respectively support the following formats;Step 3, as shown in the figure, select the recognition format in the right Settings, you can choose TXT, DOC and DOCX three formats;You can also choose to combine these contents into a single file;Step 4: Click here to select the file export location. The default is the original folder. Click here to replace it at any time.Fifth step, finally, click on the upper right corner of the “Start identification” can be;Step 6. After identification, click to go to the location of the exported file to browse the file;The seventh step, this is the recognition of the content, software support recognition of Chinese and English two languages oh.Source: Jiangxia Science and Technology Product Center