Don’t open the chest!Percutaneous aortic valve replacement was successfully performed in Yangjiang People’s Hospital

2022-07-30 0 By

The cardiology department of The City People’s Hospital successfully performed percutaneous aortic valve replacement on a patient On Tuesday with the help of multidisciplinary medical staff, opening a new chapter in the hospital’s cardiology treatment.On the afternoon of 16th, the reporter came to the city People’s Hospital cardiology operating room to see that the medical staff are nervously standing in front of the operating table, racing against time, the joint operation of the transcranial aortic valve system, the valve transmission placed in the heart of the patient.After more than 40 minutes of “struggle”, the operation was successfully completed.According to reports, the operation uses “percutaneous aortic valve replacement” as the technical support, the medical staff only need to puncture the leg of the patient, through the interventional catheter into the artificial valve, to achieve “no thoracotomy” for the patient to restore heart function.Ruan Wenshuo, deputy chief physician of the Cardiology Department of the Municipal People’s Hospital, said: This kind of TAVR (percutaneous aortic valve replacement) surgery, the main reason is less trauma, because it does not need to open the chest, it has a small chance of infection, and it is relatively fast recovery.A patient like the one we just had, he could be up and about tomorrow, certainly not if it was open-heart surgery.It is understood that aortic valve stenosis is a common heart valvular disease in the elderly. When the aortic valve stenosis occurs, the blood flow of the heart is blocked, resulting in insufficient blood supply to all organs of the body, accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness and so on, which seriously affects the quality of life and even endangers life.Ruan Wenshuo, deputy chief physician of cardiology department of Municipal People’s Hospital: We started to vigorously develop this technology this year, and now form a “Lingnan Valve Alliance”. We study together and make this technology serve everyone.In addition to the cardiology team, the successful completion of the operation is inseparable from the “escort” of the medical backbone of the department of anesthesiology, radiology, ultrasound, chest pain center catheter room and other departments.According to the surgical team, in the next step, they will steadily improve the technical level of percutaneous aortic valve replacement, bringing hope for more patients in Our city.Text: MAO Junling Intern: Nie Linqing Correspondent: Chen Lin