4 cm long needle “latent” elderly body for several days, the doctor emergency surgery “needle” save!

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Recently, foshan, a 67 – year – old Chen Bo because of physical discomfort to hospital check, the doctor do when unexpected finding, a root ca. 4 cm long needles “wandering” within the body of the shoulder blade, and are more likely to move to the chest, puncture the vascular cause bleeding, fortunately, after the foshan fosun zen seng hospital (hereinafter referred to as the “zen”) doctor emergency surgery, long needle has been removed.      It is understood that a few days ago, Chen Bo felt pain and discomfort in his left back when he was lying down at home. Because he had a stroke before, he had sensory dysfunction and other sequelae of stroke, so the brief slight pain did not attract his attention.When he was taking a bath, he found a suture on his back. His family, recalling that they had left a needle on the bed board before, suspected that the needle might stab into his body, so they accompanied the old man to hospital.After admission, Song Changshan, director of the thoracic surgery department of Zen Medicine, made a further examination for the old man. Chest CT showed that Chen Bo did have stitches on his body, and the needles had penetrated into the inner side of his shoulder blade and between his ribs.Since the needle had been inserted into the patient’s back for several days, with the movement of the patient’s upper limbs and back muscles, “if the needle goes further downstream, it will travel to the chest cavity, posing a great danger to the lungs and the heart, and once it punctures the large blood vessels, it will cause massive bleeding.”Song Changshan believes that the subcutaneous suture has fallen off, the needle has been displaced, the patient must carry out an emergency operation to remove the needle.Internal surgery to remove needles is difficult and dangerous.It is reported that the difficulty of the operation lies in the location, because of the hypertrophic muscle layer of the scapularis, and the needle diameter is small, has been shifted to between the scapula and ribs, it is not easy to successfully remove, in order to minimize local damage, Song Changshan incision layer by layer according to the anatomical relationship, as far as possible to reduce the incision for exploration.Because of the small diameter of the needle, the doctor can not touch the position with his finger, in case of cross infection of the puncture wound, can only be clamped out with forceps.Due to the shield of shoulder blade, it was difficult to see the specific position of needle, so Song Changshan used c-arm machine to accurately locate the needle during the operation.After the operation, Chen Bo was sent back to the general ward for further observation and nursing. Under the careful care of the medical staff, Chen Bo could go to the ground after awakening from anesthesia and was in good mental state. At present, he has recovered and been discharged from hospital.Song also reminded people to stay calm if they are stabbed by foreign objects, because foreign objects will move along the muscle space in the body with the movement of the body, making it more difficult to remove.In more serious cases, the foreign body will even shift and damage important organs in the chest and abdominal cavity, causing greater damage. In view of this situation, it is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible for surgery, and actively cooperate with treatment.Reprinted from the Information Times article/Tan Qiyu correspondent Hu Hui Li Ailing Xing Ying Xu Ziji editor Lai Yiqing