What are the age requirements for teaching resources and recruitment

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In recent years imperceptibly, most people feel the benefits of the establishment, ready to turn to “iron rice bowl”, in numerous establishment examination, the teacher joined the examination attracted a lot of people, teaching endowment examination is to test the water battle!Although the bar is low, it is not for everyone.Especially after taking an examination of the teaching endowment certificate, there are also examination of the level waiting for you ~ that which people do not suggest to register for a teacher certificate?Today xiaobian and you Lao a Lao ~ teacher qualification certificate of age requirements according to the national teacher qualification certificate examination announcement in previous years, the age limit required by the provinces are basically “full-time ordinary college junior students”, and for the age upper limit, is generally “the exam did not reach the national legal retirement age”.So, want to enter oneself for an examination the junior partner, the ugc both undergraduate course and specialized subject, the earliest can only register ~ when I was in junior teachers requires teachers to age establishment and teachers’ qualification examinations, teachers prepare the exam is organized by each province, the provinces will have subtle differences, according to recruitment announcements in recent years, the provincial teachers, most of the prescribed minimum 18 one full year of life,Up to 30 or 35 years old, pay attention!It is based on the date of birth on my ID card. What if I am older than the age required by the announcement?See record of formal schooling condition, the examinee of doctor record of formal schooling can have corresponding age to relax, some places also can relax age requirement to examinee of graduate student record of formal schooling.These are subject to the announcement issued by each district of Shanghai.What should special post teachers do if they miss the teacher exam and want to take the teacher exam?Another option is part-time teachers.The recruitment target of special post teachers is the current graduates and the previous graduates under 30 years of age!Teacher recruitment and special post teacher recruitment distinction: first, the examination form is different: recruit to teach the examination to county or prefecture-level city, district, and special post teacher recruitment examination provincial education department carries out the relevant policy of the Ministry of Education.1. Recruitment of teaching examinations around the time is not fixed, can be said to run throughout the year, and special posts to the province as a unit of unity;2. Special post is to sign up on the net, and recruit to teach an exam to have on the net to sign up and education bureau personnel bureau spot sign up commonly!The 2nd, work out different: recruit teach an exam to fall in the circumstance that written test and interview pass a pass, can say work out commonly took, and special post teacher wants assessment ability after 3 years commonly to be able to join make up!Third, the exam content is different: special post teacher exam set the topic is more unified, fixed, recruit to teach the exam around the city, district, county set the topic scope and content are more flexible, not too fixed!When is the most suitable age for teachers?Suitable for the age of textual research the suggested textual research time is in the university stage, the elder brother elder sister earnestly advise you to take an examination as soon as possible is not unreasonable drop.The question is, why college?Plenty of time University stage apart from academic time, other leisure time relative to the part-time worker is much more.The teacher qualification examination is a long process, even if the written interview can be successfully passed, the fastest time to get the certificate, so it is very important to have enough time to prepare for the examination!Good memory teacher qualification examination has 2~3 subjects, knowledge point is more, the coverage is wide, need carries on the back carries on the back more!College can be said to be the most vigorous memory in adult life, the most easy to concentrate on the time, whether it is self-study or enrolled in classes, high efficiency.Need not deal with residence card in school student enter oneself for an examination of teacher qualification to be able to enter oneself for an examination in school seat, need id card and student card only can, more convenient save trouble.After graduation can enter oneself for an examination only in place of registered residence and seat of personnel relation, but major person can choose to enter oneself for an examination in seat of personnel relation, need to deal with residence card at this moment.To just graduated examinee, live in the local less than half a year, buy social security has not been full half a year, do not meet the requirements for residence permit, so it will be more troublesome.At this time, students can go back to their hometown to apply for the exam, but most of them give up due to busy work and distance.Participating in campus recruitment for teachers is a good opportunity to become a regular teacher in your graduation year.Teacher campus recruitment is not so competitive compared with teacher recruitment, generally only limited to fresh graduates to participate.Campus recruitment of teachers generally requires a teacher qualification certificate, so students who plan to be teachers in the future had better register for the teacher qualification exam in their junior year.