The gap is too big!The women’s soccer team beat Japan on penalties in extra time to advance to the final. The men’s soccer team lost 3-1 to Vietnam

2022-07-29 0 By

China defeated Japan on penalty kicks in extra time to set up a playoff with South Korea in the Asian Women’s Cup semifinal.Japanese women’s overall strength or on the Chinese women’s team, the core general wang shuang can’t play because sprained my ankle, both in the team’s overall strength and personal individual strength above, Japan basically is in the lead, the Chinese women’s football players have not been shocked by strong opponents and problems of its own, with a more positive run and more attentive attitude to the game,Time and time again, using his body to fend off an offense, from a tie in regulation, to a tie in overtime, to a 4-3 shootout winner.Chinese women’s interpretation of real football spirit of fighting spirit and never give up, even if the fight to the last seconds, also will send all, attention to the middle of the court, the Chinese women’s team, it is extremely difficult to win the game, it is not easy, two players out injured, struggling for more than three hours, last-minute penalty shootout, completely is the double test of will and technology,Zhu stopped Japan’s fifth penalty kick after failing to hit in the first round, and Chinese captain Wang Shanshan was under pressure to seal the victory in the fifth.Truly, truly, this is the gap, the Chinese women’s team in the last time out against his counter attack to beat rivals, put an end to the international competition when the embarrassing record of Japan, also in a few days ago to Japan for a Chinese men’s soccer game, this is the real women don’t let a man, hua mu LAN on the pitch,These football players repay the fans’ support and love with practical actions, which also gave hope to millions of disheartened fans on the day when China men’s football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam junior team on the first day of Chinese New Year.Compared with the treatment of the Chinese football, logistics facilities and a high salary as well as the attention, the women’s girls couldn’t compared with those of the women’s girls is on the Asian cup final, and won the World Cup tickets, the men had early exit, that is the real gap, the treatment of both should really calls the autumn fan, for completely.