Russian armored forces face a fierce enemy, the United States aid Ukraine 100 sets of intelligent missile, designed to hit Russian tanks

2022-07-29 0 By

The United States has formally announced a second round of military assistance to Ukraine, worth up to $800 million. It includes heavy weapons for the air and land forces, 800 anti-aircraft missiles, 6,000 AT-4 anti-armor rocket launchers, 100 grenade launchers, 1,000 light anti-armor weapons, and more.In addition to heavy armor, 25,000 combat helmets and body armor have also been transported, among which 100 sets of spring-knife 300 intelligent missile are of great strategic significance to the Ukrainian army, which can greatly improve the combat ability of soldiers. The Russian armored forces may face a fierce enemy.It is reported that the intelligent missile can patrol in the battle over the reconnaissance, once spotted enemy targets, can directly guide the weapon to hit the target, the combat radius varies according to the warhead type, the range is within 10 to 20 kilometers, it uses a unique “GPS+ TV” composite guidance mode, hitting accuracy is very high.In the process of flight investigation, intelligent missile can send back color video signal in real time, which is convenient for operators to better determine the target location, then send insurance instructions, aiming at the target accurately.With a full weight of 2.7kg and a length of 610mm, the spring Knife missile is very easy to carry. It is launched using a tube and has night vision sensors that can also send back stable and high-definition images and accurately lock and track targets.For Ukraine, which has a weak army, the existence of this weapon will undoubtedly make the army more confident in fighting, reduce the probability of military facilities being destroyed, and master more advanced military weapons in street battles. Precision attack capability can also effectively reduce the harm to civilians.In addition, no matter day or night patrol missile can carry out precision strikes on long-range targets, this light individual equipment, is a necessary military means of modern war, it seems that the United States this time consider very “comprehensive”.Military experts say that if the United States continues to ramp up its support and flood the battlefield with American weapons, the campaign could be transformed to some degree.After all, battery-powered cruisers, which can be fired at a distance of up to 10km, are too dangerous for even the best armed forces to defend against, and Russia’s deployed anti-aircraft missiles have trouble locating and intercepting these tiny combat weapons.In addition to the Type 300, there is a longer range and more powerful Spring-knife type 600 cruiser, which can be devastating to armoured vehicles, as well as capable of sniping at great distances.It is conceivable that if these weapons were to be used by Ukrainian forces in the future, the Russian command on the front line would be under great threat.However, given the Russian military’s battlefield practice and its “firework network” of “Buk”, “Dor” and “Armour-S” air defense systems, it may not be easy for Ukraine to reverse the situation completely.