Proper use of dry powder fire extinguishers

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Dry powder fire extinguisher can be used to destroy the common fire, such as: paper products, clothing products fire caused by fire, fire, wood and liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel oil can be used to destroy caused by the fire, at the same time, some like electrical fire can also be used, but as a result of dry powder fire extinguisher after use, will produce solid sodium carbonate and other objects, not only can corrosive,And it will block the passage of some precision instruments, so dry powder extinguishers are generally not used in the fire of precision electrical appliances and precision instruments.1. After getting the dry powder fire extinguisher, we should first check the pressure dial on the fire extinguisher and see what color area the pointer points to. There are three color areas in total, and the pointer points to the green area, indicating that the pressure is sufficient and the dry powder inside is also sufficient.The pointer points to the yellow area, indicating that the pressure is still half, naturally can be pressed out of dry powder, naturally can be used for fire suppression;The pointer points to the red zone, which means low or no pressure, which means we need to find a fire extinguisher with pressure.2. If the pressure of the fire extinguisher is sufficient, then we need to stand at the upper mouth of the fire, that is, above the downwind mouth of the fire, so that the wind cannot blow the fire towards us.3. Next, we unplug the safety plug on the dry powder fire extinguisher. The safety plug is the iron plug on the fire extinguisher.4. Next, we use our hands to point the nozzle of the dry powder fire extinguisher at the root of the ignition point.5. Next, we press the handle of the extinguisher switch and shoot at the root of the fire.6. After extinguishing the fire, we put the safety latch back into the latch of the fire extinguisher and put the fire extinguisher back in place for subsequent use.