On the 14th day of the first lunar month, the Kitchen God is welcomed and decorated with lanterns.

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Receiving the Kitchen God Is part of the traditional folk custom of offering sacrifices to the kitchen God.The custom in some places is “send 23, receive 14”.On the 24th of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, the Kitchen God (also known as the Kitchen God or god) is the day when heaven reports on the good and evil of the year.On this day, children ranging from toddlers to 12 or 13 years old will run through the streets, carrying a rabbit lamp and lighting candles on the rabbit’s belly to illuminate the white rabbit.At this time, candles are lit in every room of every family, commonly known as “Jian Jian Ying”, to welcome the arrival of god.View lanterns as in the first month in the fourteenth day, also is to have the characteristics of traditional festival, it was the eve of the Lantern Festival, people call it “Lantern Festival”, the ancient whether private or government, will shed light on, modern walk in the street, also can see a lot of lanterns hanging up, everywhere decorated, give the fifteenth day of the first to do a matting, the meaning of a structure connecting ecosystem and individuals.It is already late at night when people go back home. In some places, people create a special food called “bian shi” as a snack.”Bianchi” is a kind of food shaped like ears made of thin round cakes made of wheat flour and stuffed with meat, dried bean curd, radish, mushroom and lettuce. It is nutritious and easy to digest.