Keep away from danger!Warning film of typical road traffic violation

2022-07-29 0 By

In the context of road traffic every rule has a meaning every rule reveres the fact that life doesn’t come out of thin air but can be fleeting and with the arrival of the Spring Festival travel rush,Hubei traffic police launched the ten typical traffic violation warnings piece, hope all the way through real cases revealed the fragility of life thinking and alert responsible for the life of the traffic participants more cautious and more safety series warning sheet is divided into 10 sets out the first five tweets in current sets forward welcome to remind me:1 Set 1: Proper use of seat belt 2 Set 2: Zebra lifeline “Courtesy” 3 Set 3: speeding, violating the regulations overtaking 4 Set 4: Illegal parking on the highway, occupying the emergency lane 5 Set 5:Prevention of secondary accidents hope that all drivers and passengers can always alert, always remember the importance of traffic safety.Don’t travel with danger, don’t travel with life, because at the other end of the road, family waiting for us, we wish to travel safely, life!Source: Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security