History has been made on the field!Chinese Men’s speed Skating team: We tried our best

2022-07-29 0 By

China’s lian Ziwen, Wang Haotian and Xu Fu ranked 8th in the men’s team pursuit quarterfinals of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at the National Speed Skating Stadium on Feb. 13.It was the first time for China to compete in the men’s team pursuit at the Winter Olympics. All three members said after the event that they had tried their best and hoped that everyone could be more tolerant.Xu fu said he and his teammates only trained together for about half a month and were satisfied with the result. “It is the first time for the Chinese team to participate in this event in the Winter Olympics, so we are quite nervous, especially afraid of not doing well in the skating. We have been practicing and really tried our best.”The men’s team pursuit requires swimmers to skate eight laps (3,200 meters).Lian ziwen said that he, Xu Fu and Wang Haotian mainly focus on the short distance events, so it is difficult to participate in this competition, “the task is very difficult, we worked hard, I hope to live up to everyone’s expectations.”Wang haotian also said that he and two other teammates did not compete in the men’s team pursuit during the World Cup this season. “The country assigned this task to us, so we will try to win glory for the country.So far we have done our best.”(source: Beijing Daily client) For more exciting content, please download “Wuhan” client in each major application market.