Don’t children need “face”?It’s just what you think

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In fact, children, although small, have high self-esteem and are more vulnerable and defenseless than adults.Parents’ words and deeds, intentionally or unintentionally, may have a very negative impact on children’s psychological development.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed tens of thousands of students.Statistics show that 15 percent of teens have seriously considered suicide.If parents still believe that their children do not need dignity and can be abused and humiliated at will, then even if there is no such tragedy today, it will have an irreparable impact on later life.From the formation of self-awareness, every child gradually understands what self-esteem is, as they grow up, they expect adults to understand and respect.Parents want their children to earn face for themselves, but always ignore their children’s face.They often think that children are not sensible, do not remember, forget sex, criticized children unscrupulous.Children’s self-esteem also has a bottom line every child’s self-esteem has a line of defense, in getting along with children, try to avoid the following behavior, do not encounter the bottom line of children’s self-esteem.In the name of modesty, our culture emphasizes modesty, and many parents are bad at affirming their children and like to deny their children praise.Whenever someone praises their child, the parents will humbly say: no, no, and then point out the child’s shortcomings: naughty, difficult to manage, especially timid…Adult opinionated modest, the child does not understand, he will regard this as you to his negation, listen to these words, look appears some dim.Although the child is young, he has strong self-esteem.They crave approval from others, especially their parents.Parents’ derogatory comments tend to hold children back.Therefore, if others praise the child is realistic, might as well take this opportunity to express the recognition of the child.Others praise the child’s good grades: yes, he is a hard worker.Others say the child is sensible and polite: the child has always done well in this respect.This expression will not produce a child who is arrogant, but extremely objective, and the child’s heart will be filled with emotion because you can see his progress.In the eyes of many parents, a child is a child and can be taught as he or she pleases, since he or she doesn’t remember.In fact, not only adults know the important face, children also know.Training children in front of others greatly hurts their sense of security and self-confidence.To do something wrong and expose yourself to the eyes of others, to be pities, scorned, or blamed, is to feel deep sorrow and shame.This humiliation will not teach a child a lesson.Children remember the outside world’s vision, just want to escape, or inferiority, or broken pot, more and more rebellious.Reveal the child’s secrets.Secret is the child’s psychological line of defense, cherish the child’s secret, let the child gain self-esteem.If you always mercilessly reveal your child’s secrets, you will not only hurt the child’s fragile heart, but also lose the child’s trust in you.Every child has his own inner world, what parents need is to guard with their children, which will play an important role in the development of children’s life.Dredging up the past and bringing up the children’s mistakes.Every child does something wrong, something they don’t want to talk about: making a joke at school, making a fool of themselves once in a show, wetting the bed at home as a child…These scandals are brought to light, like scars opened, making children feel that once they make a mistake, they will never get over it.That sense of shame is a repeated torture on the child’s self-esteem.Over time, some children will choose to give up themselves, give up self-esteem, become numb.Compare other people’s children.Many parents have had the experience of trying to compare the children of friends and relatives not to hurt them, but to inspire them, and the end result is always unsatisfactory.Parents often lack appreciation for their children when it comes to raising them.On the contrary, they always praise other people’s children, their own children are never inferior to others.Eventually hurt the child’s self-esteem, but also destroyed the child’s confidence.How can a child confidently raise his head and make an effort when we ask him to lower his head one by one?How to give the child face?Prepare your child by spelling out the rules before going out.Know what is not allowed and what is expected.Or when adjustments need to be made, give your child some reminders and hints in advance, and once your child knows, he or she will become more cooperative.Calm and children out of control, parents should maintain inner peace, do not use emotions to drive emotions, let parents and children into the emotional vortex, resulting in more serious out of control scene.Kids are just kids.Try to see your child’s feelings from his or her point of view and recognize that the child inside is strong and out of control.We don’t compete with kids, but it’s a lot easier.Gently but firmly hold the child in a relatively quiet corner, away from other people’s eyes, give him a tight hug or grab his arm to make sure his little body cries for a while under our control and quietly wait for him to calm down.Crying is the simplest, most effective and easiest way for children to vent their emotions.Don’t hold him down.Calm down and be patient for two or three minutes. Your child will usually calm down.Give your child a kiss, a hug, and a few words of encouragement when they calm down or change their behavior.Every child’s face is worth our attention.There are many ways to dismantle self-esteem in life, but building self-esteem is not easy.Parents play a vital and irreplaceable role in building their children’s self-esteem.The foundation a parent builds will be a child’s bulwark against injury and frustration.