5 Ways to Drink Water your Heart Fears the most!Change it before you get hurt

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When the weather is hot, many people drink more water. Although drinking more water is a good thing, drinking water in the wrong way may damage the heart.Drinking water incorrectly can be dangerous, especially for those with a weak heart.01 too fast many people like to guzzle water, but this way of drinking water will quickly dilute the blood, increase blood flow, heart workload, myocardial oxygen consumption will increase correspondingly, especially easy to induce heart failure.02 Drinking too much water can easily cause cell edema, resulting in “water poisoning”, also known as dilute hyponatremia, resulting in symptoms such as dizziness, thirst, muscle pain, and even sudden fainting in severe cases.For those with a bad heart, drinking cold water will increase heart rate and oxygen consumption, which may induce arrhythmia and angina pectoris.The temperature of drinking water should not be too cold or too hot. The best temperature is 10℃~30℃.Eating soup is the same, just out of the pot soup do not drink immediately, slightly cool for a while, and then spoon slowly drink.The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016) recommends that adults drink 1,500 to 1,700 milliliters of water every day.Drinking too little water will increase blood viscosity, cause cardiovascular accidents, urinary stones are easier to find.Drinking water also varies from person to person and healthy people “open drink” different, some patients with chronic disease in drinking water this matter should be careful.01 Heart failure patients drink water into the body, and ultimately rely on the heart to transport to the whole body, but in heart failure patients, the heart is usually in a state of decline, too much water is difficult for the heart to bear.Therefore, people with heart failure should learn to control their water intake.Recommended general heart failure patients drink no more than 1500~2000 ml of water every day;Patients with frequent swelling of the leg, not more than 1500 ml;For severe heart failure with renal dysfunction, the limit should be 500 to 1000 ml.Don’t binge drink. Take a sip of water every hour and swallow it slowly.Diabetes patients often suffer from thirst and polydipsia, and the amount of water they drink sometimes affects their blood sugar levels.Diabetic person needs water quantity to want a bit more than average person, the proposal is controlled in 2500 milliliter, can drink the speed of 300 milliliter water to fill water by half an hour.Avoid drinking too much water before meals and before going to bed. People with high blood sugar after meals can drink some soup before meals and eat staple foods.03 patients with kidney disease and for patients with kidney disease, it is true that we should pay attention to the usual amount of water, but patients with different stages and different conditions can not be generalized.Kidney disease early: as long as there is no edema, also want to learn to take the initiative to drink water, conducive to metabolism, help the discharge of metabolic waste in the body, but also can prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infection.Chronic kidney disease: Lack of urine and edema can occur, meaning that the water consumed cannot be excreted properly, so the amount of water consumed needs to be adjusted according to the amount of urine produced.Adequate amount of water throughout the day = 500ml+ urine volume of the previous day.Nephropathy terminal: if have appeared without urine, uremia and other circumstances, the amount of water to drink at this time needs to decide according to the change of his weight.Weigh yourself at a fixed time every day, and your daily weight gain should not exceed 0.5% of your body weight.In addition, the weight gain between the two dialysis sessions was less than 3% to ensure the dialysis effect.Source: Health China