Xiaogan gets off to a good start! Anlu Yizhiquan: Internal guarantee supply to expand the market

2022-07-28 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (reporter Qin Qingmei, Guo Kang) during the festival, Hubei Yizhi Spring production workshop is still rumbling, barrels of pure water from the production line shipment into storage, nearly 300,000 barrels of water ready to be shipped, to ensure the normal supply of drinking water during the Spring Festival of Anlu people.Bottled water produced in the workshop.On the assembly line of the workshop, buckets are loaded, water is poured and packaged to the offline line. Every 2 minutes, a bucket of mineral water comes off the production line and enters the reservoir area to wait.During the Spring Festival, more than 10,000 barrels of mineral water will enter thousands of households every day.According to Deng Lei, general manager of Yizhiquan Food Co., LTD., the production of January this year has increased compared with the usual production of more than 6,000 barrels a day, but now it can produce more than 10,000 barrels a day.Buckets of pure water waiting in the reservoir area.Before and after the Spring Festival, many units and families followed the traditional habit of hoarding a small amount of bottled drinking water for emergencies, resulting in the production of bottled water before the festival increased by about 40% compared with the daily production.In order to ensure the market supply, Yizuquan Co., Ltd. actively organized human and material resources, working overtime and full load operation, has produced more than 280,000 barrels of bottled water, for a good start to the New Year laid a solid foundation.New honeysuckle dew.Correspondent Qin Qingmei says the local market is booming and foreign orders are inundated.With yizhiquan research and development of the pace of new products continue to accelerate, honeysuckle dew, plum paste and other new products gradually become hubei Yizhiquan into the national market of the main products.Wild honeysuckle dew, vitamin C honeysuckle dew and other 11 new varieties successfully into hainan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan and other places of the market, product varieties to achieve a single to multidimensional transformation, product sales to achieve the transformation from the province to the national.In 2022, Yizhiquan Co., Ltd. plans to expand 30 acres of production workshop in the second phase of the project, a new honeysuckle dew assembly line, output value than 2021 rise about 10%, to ensure that more than 8%.At the same time, the company has drawn up a sales plan to expand the foreign market. By opening up the routes in Vietnam, Laos and other Southeast Asia, the company has realized a new sales way of both domestic and overseas, online and offline, with double efforts, and achieved a leap of sales going abroad and marching towards the world.