Women are always at the forefront of grassroots prevention and control

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“Yonghui Supermarket?”At 4 o ‘clock in the morning of January 29, Luo Liuliu, director of the regional development office of Xiaohe Street, Gongshu District, got through the telephone of the person in charge of yonghui Supermarket.After the outbreak, women from xiaohe District Development Office became part of the supply support team.In order to ensure that the living supplies could be delivered to the residents of the key unit of temporary management measures upgrade in the first time, the regional Development Office received the order, and the department members quickly contacted five supermarkets to discuss the procurement. After more than three hours of efforts, Yonghui Supermarket in Ledi Port finally prepared all the needed supplies.Subsequently, under the joint efforts of party members and backbone of Dahu Road community, Xiaohe Law enforcement Squadron and Yonghui Supermarket, more than 130 materials were packed and sent to the residential area where the key unit of temporary management measures were upgraded in batches.There are instant noodles, sausage, eggs, milk, vegetables, rice, chicken legs and other food in the package. Moreover, the duck sauce, which is a must-have dish in Hangzhou for the New Year, is specially prepared for the residents. All the materials are full of love and convey the residents’ determination and confidence to overcome the difficulties together.It is reported that xiaohe Street Regional Development Office in 2020 during the fight against the epidemic, was rated as Hangzhou women civilized post.Xiaohe Street Regional Development Office has eight employees, all of whom are lesbians. Some of them are middle-aged and still passionate about their work.Some have just become mothers, housework heavy young comrades.In the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, the women of the REGIONAL Development Office have been at the forefront of helping enterprises to get back to work. They have patiently instructed thousands of enterprises on how to fill out the work return application system and review their employees’ health green code applications, and raised nearly 70,000 masks for the enterprises in their area.Luo Liuliu, director of the Regional Development Office, has asked for a leave of absence. After the outbreak of the epidemic, she gave up her leave and returned to work as soon as possible, sticking to the frontline of grassroots prevention and control.After the emergency start of the street isolation point, Luo Liuliu volunteered to work in the isolation point, preparing supplies, sorting out forms, meticulous.Since the epidemic prevention work, regional development has been deeply connected to the community in turn xushuguan road community, to assist the community staff on jurisdiction shops along the street, building base business for the whole screen, check the implementation of the “code, temperature, wear a face mask” epidemic prevention measures, such as at the same time, also assists in the street to do a good job of the registration of nucleic acid detection,They have taken concrete actions to hold up half the sky in epidemic prevention and control.(Hangzhou network) reporter Yu Qiongya correspondent Zhu Yan