Why the future of new energy, extended-range electric vehicle is the mainstream, pure electricity is backward technology

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With the advent of the era of carbon neutrality, the direction of automobile development is becoming more and more clear. According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach 3.521 million units in 2021, with a market share of 13.4%, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years.Just discuss the feasibility of the new energy is the future development trend, the sales volume to prove, but as a large number of popular, many people see the essence through the appearance, think new energy technology is not enough mature and stable, as long as the batteries must be PaWo, also want to replace the fuel car is difficult, life is only a problem can’t walked into the heart of most people.From this Spring Festival many problems of pure electric vehicle owners, high-speed traffic is occupied, line charging, charging pile, appear even rob charging pile, because cannot quickly fill “can”, does not solve the basic concern, seems to run counter to the car with the most basic of convenience, the development of new energy is always difficult.While automakers are doing their best to address this anxiety, they have come up with four solutions to the current situation and existing technology.First, expand the battery capacity, reduce the charging frequency, second, increase the charging speed, shorten the charging time, third, the use of battery change method.It has to be said that, compared with previous years, these three methods can actually alleviate the range anxiety, from the original 300 kilometers a charge, to 500 kilometers a charge, can give a lot of psychological comfort to the car owners who travel within the radius;With the iterative upgrading of charging technology, fast charging can also shorten the charging time, so that the original ordinary charging hour can be filled in 30 minutes, fully acceptable in the case of no hurry;There is also the technology of changing the battery, which is more efficient and fast compared with the first two energy replenishment methods and enjoys the same energy replenishment advantages with fuel vehicles.But have you ever thought, both super filling and reduce charging frequency, still cannot leave a charging pile, especially the long drive, car or worry, once encounter electric range, range anxiety meet blade, even with quick charge ability, but in front of the charging station is uneven, and large power supply load, will have power supply, charging speed short of expectations,In the face of human characteristics, the scramble for charging piles will be repeated.And in battery technology original intention is good, but the ideal is very skinny, in power stations than charging station, into the development of large, slow speed and poor compatibility problems, it is difficult to meet the demand of the general public, for users, while easing range anxiety, but the battery as a core electric components, one new battery who wants to change the old battery, and support for electric car companies at present is single,Only for single brand services, destined to the third and fourth tier cities can not be popular.Is there really no better way to deal with range anxiety besides the above three energy supplements?No, the fourth extended-range electric vehicle, with its unique power structure, really solves the users’ energy supplement anxiety, which also reveals the fact that many people do not want to say, pure electric is a backward technology.Many people think that it is hooligan to talk about new energy with internal combustion engine. However, from a rational perspective, 70% of the electricity in China comes from thermal power generation. According to the law of energy conservation, it is not clean energy.Extended-range electric vehicle is a pure electric structure composed of a high-efficiency engine and battery pack. The main role of the engine is to drive the generator to generate electricity, and the electricity generated is supplied to the motor to drive the vehicle. Compared with pure fuel vehicles, the fuel consumption is lower, and compared with electric vehicles, they are not tied down by charging piles, and there is no range anxiety.For example, lantu FREE extended range version has been delivered 6,791 units in total since August 2021. Its ability to sell well immediately after launch has been proved by practical actions that such new energy is the mainstream in the future and solves the trouble caused by consumers’ difficulty in charging.Arashi figure FREE carry a “1.5” T + 4 cylinder engine, the matching of the maximum power of 80 kw generators, state is very good, stable and efficient energy conversion in efficient output range, compared to fuel cars more fuel-efficient, compared with the industry generally used three cylinder engine, arashi figure FREE when 4 cylinder engine power output, also brought less jitter,Consistent output rhythm without interruption, comfort and NVH are good.Lentu FREE is also equipped with front and rear dual motors and intelligent four-wheel drive support, with the highest comprehensive power of 510KW and peak torque of 1040N.m. Even for an SUV with a dead weight of over 2 tons, the pedal can instantly generate strong power and accelerate to 100km in 4.5 seconds.In the household field, the result of 6 seconds is already the peak, and the acceleration capacity of 4.5 seconds is only second to bugatti Veydragon and Koisseg REGERA, which is equivalent to the power of three 2.0T fuel cars. Moreover, supported by a powerful intelligent four-wheel drive system, Lantufree can easily cope with bad road, sand, hill climbing or snow.In addition, the most important thing is that it also has brought four can complement way, with a total of 11 kw home charging, dc fast charging, 220 v car slow filling and come on, comprehensive range of 860 km, even in the face of the Spring Festival travel rush, don’t have to face the difficult, no battery pile, line up charge of distress, can oil can electricity, not to the outside world increased energy burden of power grid.From use level, extended range haze figure FREE version users as the core of it using advanced logic, makes the power system, even under the feed state power does not decay, and also has low energy consumption, can be extended range according to the vehicle battery SOC and speed in judgment, motivation is not affected when feeding, extender involved and do not show abrupt,The official fuel consumption is 1.3L, which means LAN Tu FREE is not only reliable, but also “economical”.Of course, returning to the product level, this year LAN Tu together with JINGdong looking for the most fortunate users of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, will give 45 LAN Tu FREE for two years of use, many people are curious, this year is the first time for Chinese electric car brand to log on to the national stage, why choose LAN Tu FREE?In fact, the answer is already very clear, as the national team of the central enterprise car, Dongfeng company has been carrying the mission of Chinese automobile brand upward, and now meets the bottleneck of the development of pure electric vehicle, in addition to refreshing the new impression of the Chinese people, offset the concerns of the car, LAN Tu FREE also has the advantages that the same level does not have, deep into the hearts of the Chinese people.Arashi figure FREE for comfort and convenience, with the air suspension, adaptive height adjustable, up and down 100 mm set transport environment match 5 kinds of driving mode, economic, comfortable, high energy, outing, custom, even complex road conditions, you can calmly deal with, plus the mileage, secure the extended range in the system, make electric cars beyond the city, more distant.In space, arashi figure FREE with super long wheelbase 2960 mm, 4905 mm body length, make car 5 floor space is not short, thick seat spacious is not only comfort, and also the standard 20 intelligent driving assistance systems, whether urban or narrow path can be flexible control, is not only the convenience, also get more guarantee security.Overall, at present the development of pure electric vehicles is restricted by technical, although battery development has been for decades, but about life is still a big heart, whether it’s super charge, or in electricity, though an improvement, but ultimately take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the development of pure electric a long way to go, the program is the mainstream, both in terms of life, power, energy, or configuration,The performance of Lantu FREE extended-range version is worthy of affirmation, and it is a new benchmark for extended-range models.What happened to the 45 cars that disappeared