Why is there nothing wrong with these seven disappearing car brands?

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Recently, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, threw out a view: in the next 3-5 years, 80% of China’s fuel car brands will “shut down and transform”.This is not an exaggeration. According to statistics, in 2021, of the existing 85 brands of traditional fuel cars, 34 brands sell less than 1,000 units per month, of which 9 have died out, and not only fuel cars, some once high-profile electric new power brands have also disappeared.Today, we take a look at some of the most high-profile brands of the past two years that ended badly.The self-owned brand Zotye Zotye was the first domino to fall.In the first half of 2020, after three consecutive months of “zero” sales, the shareholder Tienniu Group finally declared bankruptcy in July of the same year, along with the broken dream of a few consumers “want to buy ** super luxury brands, relying on Zotye”.From its peak sales of 333,100 units in 2016 to an annual sales figure of less than four figures four years later, Zotye has failed as well as succeeded.The popularity of “knockoff cars” like the SR9 has made the “tape Measure Department” taste sweet, but it has also lost itself on the road of imitation and borrowing, neglecting quality control, technology and originality.In the end, zotye was completely abandoned by consumers amid the new rise of Geely, Changan, Great Wall and BYD.As the pride of a national enterprise, Brilliance not only created the miracle of the first stock listed overseas, but also took the lead in launching an impact on middle and advanced cars 20 years ago.But this is prefixed “China” independent brand does not have enough luck apparently, go this glory transforms into long-term development power, because of the bigotry vitality of yangrong is hurt greatly first, more fatal is qi Yumin times to the excessive dependence of joint venture and those who go up in technology take doctrine.Notice, for an independent brand, if you lose the courage of independent innovation, it is just like a soldier losing his gun, how can not win on the battlefield.Although Borgward has not officially announced, but borgward plant shutdown, sales, maintenance and maintenance separation, continuous months of single-digit sales in the C-end market is indisputable fact, if borgward declared bankruptcy tomorrow, I believe no one will be surprised.It should be said that There is no big problem for Fukuda to use the revival of Borgward to point to the high-end, and the marketing of “German luxury” can only be said to be a little eager for success and instant benefits. The fundamental problem is that Borgward has not come up with the quality corresponding to the so-called “German”.So although a few years ago by “strength is not enough, the price to gather together,” treasure to moisten the lives of several years, but when the SUV market tide recedes, “ashkenazi” marketing won’t save treasure, not to mention the commitment of China, and a series of automotive professionals don’t understand the SAO operation, finally is to get the treasure to the end.From dongfeng Group’s withdrawal of investment in Dongfeng Renault in 2020 to the breakup of Brilliance Renault Gold Cup a year later, Renault completely lost its foothold in China.Renault, a century-old French car company, made an early start when it entered China in 1994 as one of the earliest foreign forays into the country.Sanjiang Renault, Brilliance Renault Gold Cup and Dongfeng Renault have been established successively, leaving French footprints in the field of commercial and passenger vehicles.In particular, Dongfeng Renault, which achieved the ultimate cost, backed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, created Correia and Correga. With the unique modeling charm and control advantages of the French system, it has achieved certain achievements.Unfortunately, on the one hand, Dongfeng Renault did not play the car advantage, failed to set up a unique brand label;The brand looked left and right, failed to focus on the strategy, failed to improve the SUV market, and resumed the “commercial vehicle dream” with Brilliance, and invested in jiangling to create new energy products, the result is to pick up the sesame seed, lost the watermelon.Faw Mazda in last year all disappeared brands, the most regrettable is not faW Mazda.Part of the reason for 1Mdb’s delisting was strategic — Mazda’s presence in The Chinese market meant the brand had to choose between 1Mdb and Changma, but its own failure was just as important.The product line of Yima was originally single and could only be supported by Mal6 and CX-4. However, the “Atticak” accident broke out on a large scale and became the last straw for Yima.Although in the hearts of many horse fans, even if the road is long and long, they will never forget, but the disappearance of a horse is not unjust.New power brands are not just traditional car brands. In the past year, new power brands have been growing like crazy.Three years later, the mystery of new forces has finally been cleared up. Wei Xiaoli firmly occupies the first line, while Nezha, Zerozhan, Weima and Gaohe linger in the second line.Most of the new powers, like Future and Byton, have disappeared.Future this is a distinctive new power brand, and take the mainstream family SUV positioning line “Wei Xiaoli” are different, future is “China’s first mass production supercar” — Future K50.Apart from the question of whether the 4.6-second zero-hundred acceleration time can stand up to a four-second all-electric SUV, the 60W+ price alone has already dissuade consumers, and we can only say that tesla is not dying, but suffering from a tesla disease.At the end of last year, the outlook suddenly “recovered”, and the 2022 development plan was promoted on the official Wechat account. Then it was silent for nearly four months.We don’t know whether we are determined to rebuild cars or continue to make money, but we can be sure that the current environment does not allow for the future to be troubled.Byton was founded in 2017, the founder left in 2019, byton was on the verge of bankruptcy, and then nanjing government took over in 2020, Foxconn entered the company, and went bankrupt again in 2021. When it comes to setbacks, I am afraid that no one is a rival of Byton.To be fair, byton, which burned through $8.4 billion over the course of four years, is not actually the most expensive of the new forces, and all the good new forces developed today have not been hit by huge investment.The problem was that so much money was spent that not even a single production car was built, which not only screwed consumers, but also screwed investors so badly that no one wanted to take over.